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How and Where to Trade Bitcoins in 2019?

The crypto market was highlighted by the bear trend in 2018- a year which saw Bitcoin’s prices plummet to lows. While such volatility can be stressful for Bitcoin hodlers, however, it presents an awesome opportunity for day traders. If you are wondering how and where to trade Bitcoins in 2019 and make money, then keep reading!

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Why Trade Bitcoin in 2019?

If you are a clever trader and know how to read your charts, then you can definitely capitalize on the wild volatility that is inherent in the price of Bitcoin.

All you need to do to get started with Bitcoin trading in 2019 is register yourself with one of the top crypto exchanges in the market. Rest of the steps are easy to follow.

While presently Bitcoin is trading at the price of USD 3,832.65 (at the time of writing on January 11, 2018), you may also wonder what the highest Bitcoin price in history was. Do read our article on the same.

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Where to Trade Bitcoins in 2019?

Let’s take you through the list of the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges where you can trade Bitcoins and make handsome profits. Please note that this list has been produced on the basis of trade volumes.

The higher the trade volumes of an exchange, the more is the liquidity, and better are the execution of trades.

1. Binance

Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange by the volume of trades conducted on the exchange. Its key focus is the Chinese market, however, traders knowing Korean, Japanese, and English can also trade on the exchange seamlessly.

Be sure to select from the basic or advanced version, as per your preference. Level 1 users do not need any verification to withdraw up to 2 Bitcoin in one day. The official Binance App can be downloaded for iOS devices.


The United Stated-based Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) is perfect for Bitcoin trading, however, do note that it is developed keeping professional traders in mind. To begin trading Bitcoin on GDAX, one needs to sign up for an account first on Coinbase. Don’t worry assets can be transferred from Coinbase to GDAX in an instant.

Presently, GDAX does not have its iOS app, however, the website’s mobile version works just fine on iOS devices.

3. Bitfinex

If you are a crypto proponent then you must be aware of the Hong Kong-based crypto exchange Bitfinex. The exchange has been in the news several times owing to its conflict with banks which have tried cutting the exchange off from its funds.

As of now, it is not revealed where exactly Bitfinex stores its customers’ money. If you overlook this, then you must try trading Bitcoin on this crypto exchange as you can benefit from the leveraged trading of upto 3.3 times.

The iOS app of the exchange provides you with real-time access to margin trading as well as exchange trading.

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With many experts claiming that Bitcoin price will rise in 2019, it appears like this is the perfect time to start trading the world’s largest cryptocurrency. If you believe so too, then do register on of the above-mentioned exchanges soon.

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