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Hospital in Taiwan Hops on To the Blockchain Bandwagon

Blockchain technology has spread its roots in several sectors and now it is transforming the healthcare sector. Recently Taipei Medical University has launched its blockchain powered platform which will help in keeping and transferring of medical records securely.

Major challenge which is faced by the healthcare sector is data transfer between medical establishments and patient portal. The blockchain powered platform by Taipei Medical University will cover over 100 clinics and medical establishments. In these clinics, blockchain technology will be deployed to address the data transfer issue. On the platform, patients will be able to access their complete set of medical records including lab results, health test information, and other medical related information. Hospitals can also request, share, and authorize patients’ records with the help of smart contracts.

According to the hospital superintendent, Chen Ray-jade, blockchain technology will help minimize the risk of security breaches.  Chen Ray-jade also said that the technology will help in combining electronic health records with electronic medical records from multiple medical establishments. The additional security feature available on the platform will send notification and take concent before transferring data or records.

Healthcare blockchain platform is developed to support the Hierarchical Medical System policy of Taiwan Government. The main aim behind developing the platform is to improve patient referral services and integrate individual healthcare network so that patients can access their medical record without any hassle. To access the records, patients have to log in to a password-protected mobile application.

Healthcare providers all over the world are using blockchain technology for medical data management. a U.S. based life science research marketplace has revealed a new blockchain backed platform which will help to track and protect pharmaceutical data. is also planning to design a platform which will reduce the burden on biopharma businesses to comply with U.S. data regulations. As there is a strict biopharma data regulation in the U.S. which is a burden on the pharma sector.

Macrogen a South Korean biotech enterprise is also developing medical big data ecosystem which will allow secure and private storage and transfer of sensitive genomic and personal information at large scale.

Blockchain is a technology which can help the healthcare sector in many ways. Companies all across the world are trying to develop blockchain backed platforms to ensure the security and privacy of medical data.