Here’s What Really Happened At BLOCKCHANCE Summit 2018

BTC Wires: Recently, while the Crypto community had been busy with their businesses and the trends of the market, Germany was up to the organisation of an impactful congregation involving the technology that is set to transform mankind forever. We’re talking about Germany’s recent Blockchain event dubbed ‘BLOCKCHANCE Conference 2018’, held in Hamburg. With a star-studded line of 35+ Blockchain dignitaries and innovators, the event was slated to be a two day event extending across 24th and 25th August.

Attracting a worldwide traction, comprising Blockchain experts and Founders & CEOs of various respectable ICOs, the event was well-received by Blockchain enthusiasts. The event saw people flocking in from all parts of the world to witness the various events that were scheduled in the itinerary of the event. The event strategically picked its tagline as: The Future Of Economics, denoting the impact that it was aiming from on an international level. The conference paved a gateway for corporate partners, innovators, developers, future customers, investors and media for two days. Exploring an exciting amalgamation of expert talks, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, the event provided a great networking opportunities within the ecosystem.

Primary highlights of the event included the European launch event of the Skycoin ecosystem, that has been gaining momentum in the backdrop of the event. Skycoin also harnessed the event with its resources and provided support in organising the event. Industry applications of Blockchain related technologies was also a highlight of the event, alongside sessions from Keynote speakers. Gaming was another sector that the event was deeply immersed in. Credits for this go to Kittycash, that has been striving to discover the possibilities of discovering the best generation of blockchain gaming. Several promising projects found a stage to demonstrate the use cases that they are trying to tap in a dedicated Exhibition Zone at the event venue.

String partnerships with massive brands like Audi, Airbus, Skycoin, Kodak and several others, the event has already proved its mettle. Specific sections and sessions at the event received special attention from real-time and virtual audience. What was most interesting to see was the interest that Dr. Sebastian Saxe, CDO at Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation of Hamburg took in the event. Dr. Saxe was coincidently also the Patron for BLOCKCHANCE, which is yet another matter of pride, as it’s not common to find government officials who share the same interest in Blockchain technology. Thus, it can be concluded that Blockchain is growing at a healthy rate, and BLOCKCHANCE Summit 2018 sure played its part well.