Hard Fork Decentralized Day 2: A Quick Roundup

As blockchain technology soars to newer heights and captures a wider spectrum of user interest, the number of blockchain events being organized around the globe also rises the charts all too quickly. While it might be a chore to keep up with every blockchain event that comes along, there are some that you just cannot miss. One of them is TNW’s (The Next Web) Hard Fork Decentralized Event, being held in London now, over the course of 3 days: 12th,13th and 14th of December, 2018. The event just wrapped up its Day 2 proceedings and we are here to give you a summary of all things amazing you might have missed from the exciting event line up.

Hard Fork Decentralized: What Is It All About?

Hard Fork Decentralized is an event that provides an interactive space for industry professionals as well laymen enthusiasts who are into blockchain, cryptocurrencies or the fintech space at large. The three day event’s goal is to initiate 100 million new users to the wonders of blockchain. In trying to meet that goal, it holds a variety of unique events, like its recently concluded Pitch Battle and many more.

What’s more, it allows networking opportunities to start ups and new professionals in the field. The business benefits of blockchain are naturally discussed, as are the technology’s implications in an increasing number of fields. All in all, it is the ultimate destination for any blockchain or crypto enthusiast this December. However, for all those who can’t just fly in to London, or was caught up otherwise, here’s a quick recap of the event’s Day 2.

Major Events From #HardFork2018 Day 2

The second day had over 20 events lined up to feed the diverse needs of blockchain enthusiasts and you can find a complete list of the same here. However, here we take a look at some of the major ones that got the Twitteratti and others excited:

EToro Management’s Discussion of the Future of Investment

The opening act of the day was a discussion led by the management team of eToro. With their rich experience of having worked as an investment platform that juggles cryptocurrencies with more traditional options like stocks and commodities, the team held a lively discussion on the future of investment. Considering the risks associated with investing and given the cryptocurrency markets have not been too stable lately, it is no wonder investors are worried. In such a context, this talk proved to be all the more relevant.

Workshop For Aspiring dApp Developers By ConsenSys

Most blockchain enthusiasts would recognize the name of blockchain software company ConsenSys. Therefore, given its great popularity, it is no wonder that there were many takers for the workshop held by ConsenSys’ Joshua Cassidy and Abel Tedros. They taught developers how to build their first decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform and Cassidy’s keynote address won many hearts at this interesting workshop.

Blockchain’s Role in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Can blockchain help the world’s poorest?”, you might often have wondered. A Future Generations event tackled that question and more as Sally Eaves and Graham De Barra came together to answer questions on how blockchain can help the United Nations achieve its SDGs and make life easier for billions of poverty-stricken, resource-deprived people of the world.

How did Opera Build Its Browser for Web 3?

Opera’s event on Day 2 was a scintillating experience for every tech nerd who could make it to the event. Charles Hamel from Opera elucidated how they’d built their Web3-ready browser and Bounties Network co-founder Simona Pop complemented his talk by explaining how browsers can aid in accessing Web 3.

The Exchange Day 1

The Day 2 roster included the first leg of the Exchange event, which we were looking forward to with great excitement. This is the event that allowed for an open house of questions posed to industry experts about the various aspects of blockchain technology and saw new entrants and enthusiasts ask interesting questions to those who led the panel.

In addition to these events, Day 2 saw discussions of a wide variety of issues, ranging from blockchain’s use case charity, to the future of decentralized finance. Important questions relating to blockchain’s contradiction with legal frameworks such as the GDPR were raised and the event saw eToroX discuss the future of tokenization. An enriching talk on Tokenomics and a launch of DUSK’s Dev-net, a digital assets platform, were also part of the variegated schedule of Day 2.

Given how productive Day 2 was, we are sure few can wait for Day 3 to begin!