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Google Cloud Set To Launch A Blockchain Toolkit For App Developers

With news of a partnership between Google Cloud and former J P Morgan employee Blythe Masters’ start-up dealing with distributed ledger technology, enterprise clients are likely to find it far easier to come up with blockchain solutions. 23rd July, 2018, saw the announcement of the collaboration and this heralds the start of a project that will have Digital Asset supply a software development kit (SDK), to the developers working with Google Cloud. This will make it possible for these developers to carry out tests and create applications based on blockchain technology without putting in the herculean effort to write the codes of the whole platform on their own. Leonard Law, who heads Google Cloud’s Financing Services Platform, remains convinced that the digital ledger technology is filled with immense potential for users working in various fields and industries. He further said that this technology is adequately suited to serve the needs of various industries, that go beyond the ambit of finance alone.

Blythe Masters echoed Law’s enthusiasm. He said that this partnership would offer developers a solid set of solutions to work with so that they can bring out the immense potential dormant in the Blockchain innovation ecosystem. He is hopeful that this collaboration will be a step forward to cut down on the technical obstacles faced by digital ledger technology application by transferring the advanced technology platform and language of modeling to Google Cloud.

Besides, Digital Asset aims at making sure that this collaboration leads more developers towards their Digital Asset Modeling Language PaaS (platform as a pass)  program. This program will become available via the Cloud app marketplace Orbitera.

With their arsenal loaded with these products, the company remains optimistic that the developers will be able to access an end-to-end toolkit for creating and delegating fine-tuned distributed ledger technology applications.

Google however is not the pioneering cloud computing giant that has taken a step towards providing tools to developers in the nascent but emerging blockchain industry.

The beginning of this year itself saw Amazon Web Services launch templates rooted in blockchain for improving upon Ethereum and the revolutionary Hyperledger Fabric that had been contributed to by Blythe’s start up. Similar to the Google Cloud project, the Amazon Web Services templates also provide the opportunity to developers to build and delegate digital ledger technology applications without writing the source codes as well. Besides, we also had Oracle announce a few days back that it would be launching a Paas blockchain solution by the end of this month. The Oracle product is expected to start sending out digital ledger applications by the next month.