Gatekeepers of Indonesian Logistics Join Blockchain support of IBM

When there is a huge difference in the quality of resources that passes through the immigration counters of a country, that will seriously affect the economy of the country. If there is no control over the logistics of a nation, it will lead to serious consequences in terms of the economic stature of the country. 

Why Blockchain technology?

Probably this is the most concerning factor that made the Indonesian Customs department to tight up a notch their immigration platforms. Now there are a lot of other significant methods that the Customs of Indonesia could have taken, but they resorted to the usage of the Blockchain technology. 

The Customs and Excise department of Indonesia made this announcement at the end of the previous year. They were taking a lot of trial runs and test hits with a lot of significant companies to make sure that they narrow down to the exact company that will meet their demands. This move from Indonesia Customs is not new to the world. There a lot of other similar countries that wanted to shift their systems into the blockchain space due to the well-structured data flow as well as beefed up security measures. This was one of the main concerns of the customs department of Indonesia.

There are also a lot of other departments that are trying to rely on their front end operations on Blockchain technology, but for time being, the country is planning to make changes in the Customs and Excise division alone. 

The Official nod has been made!

The Country has made an announcement that it will be joining hands with IBM for the required blockchain support it would require for its smooth operation of the customs and excise department. 

The hopes are high for the Tradelense team of IBM with regard to this collaboration as they feel that with such a schedule on the scale, it will directly benefit stakeholders as well as show massive development in the functioning of the existential system. 

The tradelense platform from IBM is a platform that will help the users to track real-time supply chain data with the authentication permitted through a blockchain network. This is probably the best method to make sure that data tracking occurs safe and sound.

But the department of Customs and Excise of Indonesia are making the move slow and steady to slowly set into the scenario of blockchain and rule out any possible overlooked measures.