Free Dogecoin Faucets – Scam or Legit?

Faucets are websites claiming to give you free cryptocurrency in return of you playing a game or answering a few questions in the form of captcha. Dogecoin being one of the famous cryptocurrencies, thanks to its meme culture connection, many websites have started Free Dogecoin Faucets. So how legit are these Dogecoin faucets, or are these just another form of internet scam? We will find out.

As the famous saying goes, “nothing in this world comes for free” and that holds true even today, so does that mean faucets are scams? Well, not all of them, or we can say it’s complicated, let me explain.

The main aim behind any startup business or website is to make money at the end of the day, and it’s not easy to attract customers easily when your idea is not original and sounds for sure like a clickbait or scam.

What faucet offering website does is, it gives you information in a very vague way, so that they cannot be held responsible for the scam at the end of the day. Basically, there are two ways in which the faucets operate,

  1. They have the advertisement on their page which earn them some money for every visit and time spent on the website. The creators convert a part of the income in the cryptocurrency they have promised and then pay out in a small denomination. If the faucet promises you Bitcoin, they will pay you in satoshis, it takes 100,000,000 satoshis to make 1 bitcoin. So it would take you ages to earn one bitcoin.
  2. Another form is clickbait, where they ask you to complete a task, and once you have completed it, the claim button, would redirect you to another website asking you for mining fees. Thus, the process becomes a never-ending clickbait cycle, where the user gets frustrated and leave it.

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Are Dogecoin Faucets Fake?

Well, as we discussed how faucets work, the chances of you becoming a millionaire through faucets are as good as the world knowing the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Dogecoin, from being a meme to a legit crypto asset, the demand has been on the rise. People have started to show interest and due to its unlimited supply, the cost is not that high either. Now the new entrants who are only aware of the term and not the blockchain technology underneath, look for an easy way to dive on the trend, and faucets make a good option.

You may think what if I join multiple faucets and work on it simultaneously, won’t that help me to gain more free Dogecoins than others? Well, that is how scammers think as well, they know human greed would make them ignore obvious hints hunting a scam.

That does not mean every faucet offering on the internet is a scam, but you must remember that faucets are not the right way to earn the crypto riches.

Since Dogecoin is new and cost significantly lower, websites offering faucets can manage to provide some form of the doge crypto to its user.

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Reliable Dogecoin Faucets You can Turn to Earn the Doge Rewards

Among the sea of websites offering free Dogecoin faucets, only a few looked genuine in our research, I am going to list a few of them below with details along with it. However, we are in no way giving you investment advice, and the sole responsibility for making the final decision lies on your shoulder.

One of the better known Dogecoin faucets offering website, and a side branch of, offers clears instruction and timely payout, without any issues. You can claim your reward every hour. The users have claimed that the website provides what it promises and they have never faced any real issue.


The website is known for paying out Dogecoin every 5 minutes. There are claim bonuses, which increases by a percent every day up to 100% if you don’t claim your reward for 100 days. MoonDogecoin has been fruitful for many looking to earn the free Doge asset.


EOBot is a cloud-mining service provider which allows doubles as the wallet for various cryptocurrencies. However, it also has the Faucet, that you may use once a day for any cryptocurrency including Doge. The website tip the user with one Dogecoin for everyday login.

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Dogecoin Faucets or any faucet, in general, is a way of advertisement and click-bait, if you want to say so. As there is nothing in this world that comes for free, basically faucet operator either get some tokens from the developers or use the advertisement money to pay out a small denomination of the promised cryptocurrency.

If you are only into cryptocurrencies because of the hype and don’t want to put in your hard-earned money without the complete knowledge then, Faucets are the way to move forward. However, it’s not easy to distinguish a real faucet from a scam, so you must be aware of those too.

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