Fintech Degree Programs to Be Offered by Georgia Universities

Georgia University is launching statewide fintech academy for all current students across all colleges in the public university system of the state. Professionals who want to take an entry in the fintech sector can enroll in the academy. It is the largest fintech education effort of its kind in the United States.

The mission of launching Georgia FinTech Academy is to make the fintech education accessible to everyone in Georgia. Georgia is planning to meet the demand for Financial Technology experts for coming years. It is estimated that the FinTech industry will need over 10,000 new employees in the next three years.

The fintech program of Georgia FinTech Academy will be started in two in-person locations at Atlanta area for on-campus classes. Professionals or students who want to join the program can take online classes or can attend the classes in the departments within Georgia colleges. Once the program is successfully completed the students will get degrees or accredited credentials.

The founding director of the Georgia FinTech Academy, Jim Senn said that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are separate from blockchain technology or distributed ledger. Blockchain technology is a new technology featuring distributed ledger while cryptocurrencies are the application of blockchain technology.

According to Jim Senn, core blockchain technology is still new and our step of starting core fintech program could be seen as risky and too early but the Georgia University has already placed its bet on growing adoption of emerging blockchain technology. Distributed ledger and blockchain technology are in its infancy. The developers are creating tools and applications which can make the blockchain technology a viable option for users. The technology has the potential to bring economic innovations that is why countries around the world are adopting and implementing the technology. Countries such as China have banned large components of the crypto ecosystem but investing a huge amount of money into luring blockchain investments and blockchain innovators.

Atlanta and Georgia are the hubs of fintech innovations. Georgia is at number three in the country in FinTech revenue. According to recent data, more than 60% of payment processing companies are based in Atlanta while more than 70% of all United States payments processed run through Georgia. Atlanta is planning to include blockchain applications including software development, commercial banking, and supply chain logistics in the curriculum.

The new fintech program of Georgia could give a push to the blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology in the United States.