Dubai Decentralized Futuretech 4.0 by Global Blockchain Foundation: Roundup

Dubai Decentralized Futuretech 4.0, a blockchain related event organised by the Global Blockchain Foundation just culminated in Dubai today. A brilliant day full of bright new ideas and insightful panel discussions, is how the event can be described by attendees. Representatives of BTC Wires were on ground to witness this exciting congregation of techies at the Jumeirah Emirates Tower in Dubai.

Sessions ranged from discussion over the future of ICO to how effective blockchain technology can be in boosting various sectors. Agustus Alesiunas, CEO of StopFakeFood, spoke about the importance of blockchain technology in supply chain traceability. In specific, he talked about how effectively blockchain can help in fighting counterfeiting of food products.

Devan Kumar, CEO of Tourisz had an interesting session where he spoke on how his company was opening up new avenues for blockchain. His session was titled “Tourism and blockchain – expanding new horizon”. He adressed the challenges and variables in the Tourism Industry.

We all acknowledge and agree on how important data is in today’s world. Which is why Danny Caulfield’s session on the ” Latest Trends To Protect World’s Data” shed some light on how crucial it is to protect data in the current times and make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands. He is the CEO of Databloc, which is doing its part in providing customers with intelligent data protection solutions.

The event had two notable segments, which saw the intermingling of business minds from across the world. One was the Blockchain Startup Pitch Competition and the other one was the Futuretech Startup Pitch Competition. Investors huddled up together to hear the brightest up and coming ideas and grow their networks. Startups held their breath and pitched their companies to promising investors.

The 3 Panel Discussions on Futuretechnologies: Deep Impact On Socio Economic Global Landscape, Crowd Sourcing 3.0 STO vs ICO, and Past, Present and Future; Futuretechnologies In The Decentralized Landscape respectively, were higlights of the day. Each one went exceedingly well and a lot of knowledge was shared by experts.

It was a great event that connected techies from around the world who believe in blockchain and its potential to change the world.