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Digital Collectibles Inspired By Public Figures Offered on a Blockchain Platform

Crypton Labs, a blockchain based platform is giving people an opportunity to buy exclusive, digital collectibles inspired by politicians such as Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, and famous personalities like Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey.

Each collectible comes with a handcrafted image of the personality concerned. The company also provides an option to add humorous or satirical “gaglines” underneath and the facility to share it on social media for fun. Some captions that have surfaced so far include “Elections are more fun with FB,” with Mark Zuckerberg and “Don’t misunderestimate me” with Sarah Palin.

The blockchain company believes that this form of public expression would be far more effective and enlightening than “dry word fights” or messages seen on Twitter. It also plans to integrate short audio clips and animations to Cryptons and may even allow its owners to put up images of themselves to create their own collectible.

The company has also introduced the automatic price escalation policy, which means someone’s Crypton can be purchased by someone else for twice its price. A majority of revenues go back to the person who lost their collectible including the profit. It also possible to pay a one-time protection fee to safeguard the Crypton from changing hands, allowing the owners to set their own selling price.

The platform is currently open for anyone to share any of the Crypton images on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook or download to send via email.

The company has also stated that apart from trading, there are other alternatives for generating revenues from Cryptons. If someone’s Crypton is involved in a game on the platform, they would receive a portion of the revenue it generates – making such collectibles more valuable. It has also introduced a mating game wherein two personalities can be combined to make a whole new person.

Crypton Labs says that many such games are under development and it would soon be opening its platform for developers- paving its way for new games to appear on the marketplace. The startup is also welcoming talented caricaturists to display their creations on the platform and gain exposure. A MetaMask digital wallet and Ethereum wallet can be used for purchasing Crypton. The company also intends to launch apps on iOS and Android — with all the functionalities on mobile.