Cryptocurrency Trends for April 2019

The world of crypto is an extremely fast-paced one, with new innovations popping up all the time. Each month, some new trends show up to make the crypto market feel a little more interesting and the month of April is no different. As the first week of April draws to a close, we decided to have a look at the top cryptocurrency trends of April 2019.

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This month, there seems to be some really cool and interesting things happening, with some new developments and some consolidations of older developments.

These are similar to the latest Bitcoin trends in 2019, but a lot more is actually in store. Read more to find out what they are.

Initial Exchange Offerings

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) are absolutely new phenomena that have hit the crypto block and seem to be growing in this month in particular. What are even Initial Exchange Offerings?

They are a twist on the system of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Here, the token sale occurs on a cryptocurrency exchange and is conducted by an exchange on behalf of a crypto startup.

Instead of paying a smart contract for running the token sale as in an ICO, the startup pays the crypto exchange.

Several exchanges are now jumping on to the bandwagon with Huobi Prime, Binance Launchpad, BitTorrent, KuCoin Spotlight, Ok Jumpstart etc. and this is fast becoming a major trend for this month, that is April 2019.

It allows token sales to reach a much wider audience and facilitates large audience listings. For, these reasons, the trend of IEOs seems to be gaining ground.

Gaming and Cryptocurrencies

The role of blockchain in the gaming industry is quite well-known. However, since most blockchain-based games are also quite closely connected to the concept of token payments and crypto incentives being given out to gamers, the link between crypto and gaming seems to be growing faster than ever.

Ever since CryptoKitties became widely popular, the trend of using different kinds of crypto tokens to facilitate entertaining, easy-to-play games have been catching on.

In April 2019, we think we will be seeing more of that. Even some user-generated games, facilitated by specific standards of Ethereum-based ERC tokens are beginning to become popular and can be a huge trend in this month.

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Coming in of Major Institutional Players

The crypto market is seeing more and more of institutional players coming in and this could make for an interesting trend for the crypto scene this month.

Bringing in the strength of these top-notch large institutions could possibly bring in a greater, more expansive user base. Consequently, the crypto market could start seeing greater adoption and perhaps even a sustained bull run (which definitely seems possible now that the market has started performing).

The Bakkt platform, by the Intercontinental Exchange, together with Microsoft and Starbucks are coming up and Nasdaq and Boerse Stuttgart are also about to enter the scene, triggering off trends for this month.

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