Cryptocurrency Can Buy You Anything and Everything on Darknet

Cryptocurrency, the digital asset which is being widely accepted and used these days, found its first mainstream use on the darknet. Darknet or dark web is an unpopular section of the main internet which can only be accessed using certain tools like Torr.

Dark Web is popular for hosting services and offering which is not just illegal but also shows you the gruesome and dark side of human psychology. If you have the amount to spend, you can literally buy any of your vices on dark web. If the world ever comes on the brink of total anarchy, dark web as of today would represent the true picture.

When you think of vices, drugs is the first thing that comes to your mind, but on the dark web, drugs are the most common offering apart from that you can hire a hitman, buy slaves, buy underage pornography and some other few things which are hard to even describe in words.

Cryptocurrency was created to provide a censor-resistance form of finance, and without any surprise, darknet was among the first to use and transact in cryptocurrency. We will look at some of the weirdest and outright illegal services that you can buy on the darknet using cryptocurrencies.

Some of the Craziest Goods and Services You can Buy Using Crypto on Darknet

Dark Web is a true representation of what lawlessness looks like since these Darknet marketplaces(DNM) are buried under the layers of internet protocol, it’s not easy to access for everyone. Even if you have the knowledge and tools to get access, the vendors are quite sophisticated in their operations, and only offer the services if they are sure that it’s not a trap by any law agencies.

Let us look at some of these weird services on offer over the Dark web, which you can purchase using cryptocurrency.

1. Kill a Man With Your Bare Hands

Yes, that is a legitimate high-quality pdf booklet which helps you to learn different ways of killing someone with bare hands. In order to purchase the booklet, you need to shell out $7.28 or its bitcoin equivalent.

2. 20,000 MW Power Laser Pointer

A high power laser pointer is a common thing in Hollywood sci-fi movies and as a kid, you might have longed for it forever. Well, all thanks to darknet, you can actually buy a real one by shelling out $150 equivalent in BTC or BCH.

3. Drugs

Drugs are the primary good sold over the DNM and its as easy as buying your medicine from a local drug store. While weed has been made legal in a number of US states, there are still plenty of illegal drugs that are quite hard to get your hand on. However, DNM can help you buy any of these illegal drugs, given you are able to reach the right vendor. These vendors usually accept BTC, LTC and even XMR in some cases.

4. Hire a Hitman

Apart from selling various illegal goods, darknet also offers various services which are not just illegal, but if you are not aware of the dark web, you might not even believe. With enough cash in your pocket, you can hire a hitman to take out someone on your behalf.

The Dark web can also help you become one of the vendors on the platform. There are certain services which offer a complete guide and the list of resources which would help you set up your own marketplace over the dark web.

Dark Web Advocates Believes The MarketPlace can Open gates for Safe Narcotics Purchase

Majority of the trades and services on the darknet are outright illegal, however, the advocates believe that the darknet can help in facilitating safe narcotics purchase. The reason being, the vendor does not put any cookie to track your behavior over the internet, and with cryptocurrency coming into the picture, you are completely anonymous.

The validity of the argument can only be confirmed by lawmakers, however, no one can deny that the use or boom in the crypto market came in because of early Darknet acceptance.