Crypto calling Hollywood with “NO POSTAGE NECESSARY”

BTCWires– Hollywood has yet again tapped a source of futuristic technology to craft cinematic delight. The industry has turned to the technology behind cryptocurrency to distribute movies, amalgamated in a movement to bring an end to piracy. The fountainhead of this movement is No Postage Necessary, a romantic indie comedy about a star-crossed hacker. The film is being distributed via peer-to-peer video network app Vevue, running on Qtum(one of the world’s most advanced Blockchain).

Written Directed and Produced by Jeremy Culver, the movie has been released by US production house Two Roads Picture Co. and has been shot on a 35mm film. The movie’s worldwide blockchain debut is due in June, later this year. Talking about the movie and his hopes from it, Jeremy Culver was quoted saying: We are thrilled to provide movie lovers around the world a brand new way to experience their entertainment by turning the blockchain into a feature film distribution channel.

Basically, a blockchain is an encrypted and shared ledger which cannot be manipulated. A blockchain further guarantees secure translations to its users, extended across to account for money, property or other holdings. The technology make a record of alphanumeric strings to identify sellers and buyers to ensure transparency and fortified, peer-to-peer transactions. Blockchain first showed up in 2009, to facilitate the first cryptocurrency(Bitcoin) in the backdrop of the Blockchain ecosystem development, which now has finance, food safety and sea freight under its ambit.

The movie features George Blagden, known for his work in Black Mirror and Vikings, and Charleene Closshey. The score for the movie has been composed by Closshey, who was also instrumental in the production team. Talking about the movie and its potential Closshey said that she and her colleagues have made a timely and relevant decision with regard to the movie’s script. “Although the film makes light of a misguided cyber genius who can hack a multi-billion dollar corporation within minutes, these types of technological advancements are becoming a normal part of everyday life for society as a whole,” she said.