Can The Price of DASH Explode?

The crypto market seems to be slowly but steadily recovering from the longest crypto winter it had ever seen. Now that investors are beginning to heave a sigh of relief, speculations are rife about how the various cryptocurrencies will perform in the short and long run. Given that some of the privacy coins have been performing exceedingly well over the last month, there is some renewed interest in these cryptocurrencies. One such coin is DASH and considering its steady growth, we cannot help but wonder: can the DASH price explode?

DASH: What Makes it So Valuable?

If you have read our beginner’s guide to DASH, you would know that this particular cryptocurrency has a lot going on in its favour.

All of these factors positively influence how well DASH is accepted by crypto enthusiasts and how that reflects onto the price of this cryptocurrency. Before considering the expert predictions about DASH price prospects, it is best to have a look at what makes DASH amazing.

This coin allows for speedy and cost-effective transactions and is known for its high degree of decentralization. It also ensures accommodated scaling and has a great deal of dedication to the development side of things.

In fact, 10 per cent of the block rewards that are generated are used for directly funding whatever projects the users decide to back, by voting.

The USP of this coin is of course its privacy element, and its security is also ensured by offering bounties to volunteers who identify bugs in the code. The advanced encryption in the DASH blockchain is responsible for making its security quite robust.

Moreover, DASH was also the first digital asset to incorporate masternodes and build a double-tiered network. What’s more, it also allows users to earn some money by setting up masternodes quite simply.

All these factors make DASH quite inherently valuable and posits it on our list of cryptocurrencies to watch out for.

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Price Prediction for DASH

Currently, the price of DASH is $133.58 and it has been mostly in the green recently. Some experts predict that the DASH price can potentially explode and cross the $1600 mark in the short term, only if it manages to reach and break through the resistance point of $400.

However, others feel that although the value and price of DASH will continue to rise, the price will not explode anytime soon. Truth is, there is no foolproof way to predict how DASH’s price will behave in the short or long term. Even so, these expert predictions do act as a guiding light of sorts to a potential investor.

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