Can Blockchain Help You Raise Money?

Blockchain has been the talk of the tech town for a while now, but what most people are talking about, is how does one raise money with blockchain?

Now if you too are asking whether or not blockchain can help you raise money, then this article would be a great place to start looking for answers.

If you have a business based on blockchain, could you raise money for that with the help of the technology? Or could you use the technology in isolation, to make money from your other ventures?

Let’s try and answer a few of these questions and more in the section below.

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How To Raise Money With Blockchain?

With blockchain, global barriers are broken down and the world feels a whole lot more connected. One can actually use blockchain to raise money for their various startups these days.

You must be familiar with the term ICO, or Initial Coin Offering. In brief, an ICO is a pre-token sale conducted by many businesses in order to raise funds for their startup.

Blockchain technology is extensively used in the concept of ICOs, since the tokens sold are digital. These digital coins are built on the blockchain and the transactions are conducted on the blockchain as well.

This is speaking from the point of the entrepreneurs who are establishing these tech startups in the market at the moment.

On the other hand, if we are looking at it from the perspective of the investor, blockchain could help the investor make a whole lot of money as well.

ICOs have become a popular investment option for most people who keep tabs on the tech industry. They believe that their investment will amount to something really valuable in the future.

Through blockchain, one can purchase the pre-sale tokens of a startup conducting an ICO, and the investor stands to benefit from these tokens in the future.

If he/she so wishes, the tokens can be sold to other buyers as well, again with the help of blockchain.


To conclude, yes, blockchain can help you raise a ton of money if you put it to use correctly. It is also a great payment portal since it facilitates cross-border payments.

So even if you use the technology for your other businesses which are not blockchain centric, you stand to benefit from the reduced transaction fees and convenience of fast cross-border payments.

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