Blockchain To Fight Fungal Disease In The US

BTC Wires: Blockchain has made incredible progress when it comes to the healthcare sector. Now the technology is all set to combat fungal disease which has emerged as a serious concern across the globe. Word on the market is that a group of US lawmakers have introduced a legislation that proposes a pilot blockchain project which will combat fungal disease. It is a bipartisan bill that has been introduced by a collectivity of Congressional Valley Fever Task Force. This task force is a bipartisan Congressional Member Organization which was founded in July 2013.

One of the prime targets of this bill would be finding a cure and researching in coccidioidomycosis, which is known as valley fever, along with other fungal diseases. This disease has symptoms that may range from flu-like to being so severe that skin, eyes, bones and even the brain can be affected.

This legislation, if and when adopted, would enable medical personnel to exchange information across a blockchain platform. The idea is to facilitate information sharing which hopefully would better equip the doctors to deal with emergency case and add value to any individual research that they might be conducting to battle the diseases.

The legislation named H.R. 6562 is part of the FORWARD Act. This act stands for Finding Orphan-disease Remedies With Antifungal Research and Development (FORWARD) Act and was brought about with the vision to help in advancing sustained efforts to combat Valley Fever.. The legislation was introduced by Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Co-Chairman of the Congressional Valley Fever Task Force and Co-Chairman Congressman David Schweikert. The board also consists of Congresswoman Martha McSally, Congresswoman Karen Bass, and Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema who are all Task Force members,

Kevin Mccarthy said in the official press release:

“Valley fever is an endemic fungal disease that impacts many of our Central Valley communities.  In the first six months of 2018, there have been twice as many reported cases of Valley Fever in Kern County compared to last year during this same period. With cases on the rise, we must redouble our efforts to develop a vaccine for this disease, as well as improve the diagnostic tools and treatment options available to those who suffer from it. This legislation is designed to do just that.”

Hopefully this initiative would relieve approximately 10,000 people who are affected by this disease on an annual basis.