Blockchain powered Elections possible?

When we analyze the various applications of blockchain technology, many of the companies that use the technology say that there are two main factors that make them believe in the technology. One is the immense amount of encoding that has been given to the products that are being powered by them and the second one and the most important one, the indefinite amount of credibility that the technology has to offer.

Why is it so popular?

Many have seen the various applications of the technology as a craze factor and most of them feel that it makes it intensively complex to make it according to the usage of the people. But most of the companies say that it is not the major point of concern. With such interesting debates and cross-winds on the horizon with the technology, a new one has now emerged on the radar all the way from Virginia.

Virginia has big plans!

It was proposed upfront by a lawmaker who said that the availability of the products integrated with Blockchain technology is safe and secure and it would not require much of scrutiny as well.

The Lawmaker of the Virginia state, Delegate Hala Al

aya made two demands in front of the delegate house that would support the usage of the crypto technology.

The first one is to force the delegates to propose research into the field of blockchain technology and find out the means by which the technology can be used for elections. With nearly millions of cases being filed worldwide during elections, the integration of the blockchain technology with the elections could serve as a possibility of conducting elections in a safe and secure method.

The second one is to try to find a methodology with regard to using the technology to develop the current financial condition of the Virginia state. Many of the countries who are using their finances using the crypto technology have successfully set an example on the viability of the technology. they feel that with a drastic improvement in the methods of financial control after integrating it with blockchain technology, it will be extremely useful for the state to have the credibility to their current financial situation.

If the Virginia lawmaker is successfully able to fulfill any one of the amendments made in front of the delegate house, they will be setting an example on how the situation will work out if the same was to be adopted by another country.