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Blockchain incubator SmartUp gets investment from DCapital, Soul Capital

A Hong-Kong based blockchain incubation platform announced recently that they received an undisclosed sun from D capital and Soul Capital. SmartUp is a blockchain incubation platform that supports global startups. The additional funding received by SmartUp will build a global blockchain incubating ecosystem to aid blockchain-related startups with support, financing, consulting, and lead investing.

In the last few months, SmartUp has been quick to raise funds to expand the incubator. The recent raise from D Capital and Soul Capital comes just months after their $5 million raise from Blockchain Japan, a group of blockchain investors in Japan.

Additionally, SmartUp has announced the launch of ‘SmartUp APAC Blockchain Investment Alliance’ to channel more support for the company and its blockchain projects, so as to further enhance its global blockchain ecosystem.

These investors are heavily involved in some global blockchain technology projects. They also have some experts in blockchain technology in Soul Capital, the family venture fund. The co-founder of SmartUp Ric Wu said, “The participation of these two famous institutional investors is an endorsement to our blockchain incubator.” He further added, “The two funds have abundant resources in both the blockchain and traditional sectors.”

In addition to the capital raise, SmartUp has also launched the ‘SmartUp APAC Blockchain Investment Alliance,’ an Alliance which should provide greater support for SmartUp and their blockchain projects.

Wu noted that the two institutional investors, D Capital and Soul Capital, will also be participating in the Alliance. Their funds, strategic resources, talent, and expertise will help SmartUp attract more quality blockchain-based projects to join the incubator.

The major goal for SmartUp is to create a global blockchain incubator that provides blockchain based startups with a variety of services that will help them grow and expand. The incubator has added a smart credit checking system that helps investors assess thousands of different blockchain-based projects internationally.

Since its launch, SmartUp has received an amount of over US$10 million from institutional investors.

Fay Lam also said: “Transparency and credibility are essential in the investment world. SmartUp’s smart credit system allows all participants in the ecosystem to take part in rating, and greatly improves the transparency and the credibility of the rating system, which in turn helps investment institutional investors making right decisions.”

“The establishment of SmartUp APAC Blockchain Investment Alliance today allows us to ride on the trend of ‘blockchain reform’, which is a blockchain-driven digital transformation for listed companies and traditional companies through blockchain, and greatly improve their competitiveness, such as our partner Shinerain, a Chinese restaurant chain. We expect more listed companies and industry leaders will soon join the SmartUp blockchain ecosystem, and develop blockchain application for their businesses, so as to reduce cost, improve efficiency and build mutual trust,” Lam added.