Blockchain Has No Real Life Use case- Is It True?

Blockchain technology is undoubtedly an incredible innovation of our times, and it would be incorrect to say that it has no real life use cases.

The technology has already made a prominent mark in many industries, and has been used for various projects. It has exhibited numerous times that it has several real life use cases.

There are still however skeptics who refuseto believe that blockchain is a technology that actually has real life applications. For them, this article might be an interesting read.

Here are a few real life use cases of Blockchain to demonstrate that it is capable of making a real change in the society around us.

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Real Life Use Cases of Blockchain


One of the significant use cases is Blockchain in Healthcare which has brought a lot of transparency and accountability to the system.

An intelligent healthcare ecosystem running on blockchain technology will be able to provide services like digitized medical records, encrypted health profile, personal AI doctor and other healthcare-related services.

It can also match a patient to a suitable doctor, offering fair rates and with all his/her credentials verified.


Can Blockchain Technology Make Agriculture Safer? Yes, it can.

The agricultural sector around the world is plagued by middlemen and corruption especially in the developing countries where there are no dedicated agricultural policies.

Blockchain technology can ensure that these middlemen are eliminated and production and supply can all be tracked on a transparent and immutable system.

It can also ensure food safety and the quality of the produce by maintaining an entire record of the journey of the produce.

Supply Chain Management

Blockchain has great Scope For Upstream Supply Chain Management. For those not aware, upstream supply chain refers to the system where raw materials are processed to make the consumer goods.

It may include big factories, small factories or any firm dealing with raw materials and not a finished consumer product. A very crucial factor in this entire process is time.

Blockchain has the potential to reduce these time delays significantly with the help of smart contracts, where all the criteria are already present.

The money is held in an escrow, which will be only released after the delivery of the shipment. Any delays or degrade in quality will lead to a penalty.


These are just few of the numerous real life use cases that blockchain has. Thus it would seem completely unfair and incorrect to say that the technology does not serve an purpose in real life.

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