Portuguese Football Club Finds Alternative to Raise Funds

Blockchain and Football seems to be a prety deal!

There are a lot of different means in which the blockchain technology is being introduced as a common commodity. There are a lot of means by which cryptocurrency can be looked into and potentially used as an alternate payment method to the existential financial system that is present in the economically strong world. Some of the commodities that are seeing a trajectory curve that is powered by the blockchain technology include gold, shoes and even fancy cars. 


Now the trend is slowly inclining towards the concept of football as well. Football is a well rewarding sport with more than half a billion of the population crazy over it. There are a lot of things that football fanatics blindly trust and buy, out of which tickets and official merchandise are heavy in the deal.

There are a lot of elements about football that make the fans go bonkers over the game and one that is of the lot hot is buying tickets to watch their favorite team play. Even if the team were on the losing end, the cheer never stops and this very factor is what many of the blockchain enthusiasts are planning to tap into. 

The enthusiasts in the field feel that integrating blockchain-powered payment to get tickets on hand is one of the simplest and yet most effective ways to get the blockchain system up and running. With a huge number of users on the football craze, it will be a great space for the blockchain payment technology to thrive and develop leading to a bigger environment.


The Union of European Football Association is planning to distribute tickets through a blockchain-powered application for the 2020 season. The seasonal play-offs for the year seem to be bigger and better with a lot of big crowds expected to pour into the stadiums. 

UEFA says that the move behind the union to distribute tickets through the platform has many reasons. Some of them might include preventing the duplication of the tickets that causes losses for the federation in large amounts. There is also another feature where the QR code for the ticket will be activated via Bluetooth only when the mobile is in close proximity to the stadium. 

With more than 28 million ticket requests EUFA euro is the most in-demand game ever. The sole reason why the federation is going behind the blockchain move is to ensure that the tickets reach the right hands at the right time.