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Bitcoin Could Become unaffordable by 2021

The current crypto market trends have been bearish for quite some time now and the falling prices have been a growing concern for investors who jumped on the Bitcoin investment bandwagon after its price peak in December 2017.

However, the current bearish market could prove to be a boon for the new entrants and enthusiast who could not afford it during the 2017 peak. Other than new entrants, the current trends have also attracted some of the traditional wall street investors who have kept a safe distance from the crypto trade market owing to the volatile price.

The bearish market would see an end may be in the next quarter or the next year and the prices of Bitcoin would again see an upward movement. This has prompted Josh Rager, one of the crypto investors to predict that, this could be the last time when someone can afford to buy a complete BTC. The reasoning is simple, the next bullish trends would see the Bitcoin prices touch new heights and that would make it too expensive to be affordable as a whole.

The claims are quite significant and worth the thought since Bitcoin has shown how rapidly it can climb the trade market charts. When Bitcoin first came into existence, it was valued at $0 and the price point remained more or less in the same range for the next few months.

However, as the curiosity and use gained some momentum, the prices rose like wildfire, and by the time it peaked a value of around 20k, it was already too late for many who have heard of the phenomenon but were skeptical because of the negative media coverage.

Many Bitcoin Investors, billionaires and Analysts suggest that the current time is perfect for anyone looking to make a foray into the crypto domain. Because as soon as the next bullish trends take charge, it will again get out of reach for many, who are still thinking about the right time to make an investment.

Crypto Billionaires Suggest Buy Bitcoin Now or Watch it From a distance in a couple of years

Another crypto billionaire Zhao Dong believes that the Bitcoin prices might touch the $50k mark by 2021. The Bitcoin bull suggests that the prices might start surging towards the final quarter of 2019 and leave its previous highs by the end of 2020. By 2021 the digital asset might become a lavish investment option and beyond the reach of the common public.

This is not the first time that Bitcoin bulls and billionaires who have reaped the riches of their early investment have come up with bizarre price predictions. Mind you the 2017 price rise also prompted many crypto bulls to predict 2018 will be another high for the crypto market and the $20k price barrier will be broken.

We are in 2019, and witnessing the longest bearish market of the crypto space since its inception. The 2018 trends saw major cryptocurrencies lose a significant share of their total market capitalization, with Bitcoin losing as much as 80% of its share.

Whether the predictions of unaffordability in 2021 comes true, only time would tell, however, the argument that the current time is the best for crypto investment is quite true.