Best Crypto Apps For Market Watch and Portfolio Management

Everyday, the world of crypto sees a barrage of material analysing market changes, tracking investment potential and making investment suggestions. In the midst of it all, it is not unlikely for users to become a tad bit confused as to which site to rely upon for the best market watch and portfolio management. There are many things to know before investing in cryptocurrencies and even after. For staying informed, these apps are absolute must-haves.

To set investors’ and crypto enthusiasts’ questions to rest, here we have the list for the best apps for the same:

1. CoinMarketApp by Programonks:

This app is quite the lifesaver as it allows users to quickly and conveniently check out the latest prices of all the top cryptocurrencies and track earnings with great features like Portfolio. Detailed charts, popular news on Reddit crypto threads, coin-based filtered news, customizable crypto alerts on more than 1400 virtual currencies, ICO’s and so on, this is one of the most convenient and effective apps out there. This app also offers a lot of crypto giveaways as an added bonus to its users. With over 500,000 installs, 350,000 active user base and a 4.7 rating, this app maintains its position as the top loved app in the market! Main features include: Portfolio, News, Youtubers, AirDrops, Education, Alerts, ICO’s (Recently Added). With continuous updates and new features, CoinMarketApp aims to cover the whole of the market. You can download the app here :

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2. Crypto AppWidgets, Alerts, News, Bitcoin Prices:

As its name on the Google Play Store immediately indicates, this app is a goldmine for all kinds of information related to cryptocurrencies, be it news or prices. An investors’ delight, this app provides alerts on prices, lets you track all changes, provides the newest and most relevant headlines, offers live conversion of cryptocurrencies and more. Both for Bitcoins and Altcoins, this app is a great way to stay in the loop with regard to prices and also make conversions. What’s more, it lets you set up convenient widgets to keep tabs on the world of crypto directly from your smartphone screen. You can directly download it from Google Play Store and IOS App Store here:

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3. Quarry-Airdrops, Crypto News, DApps and Coin Wallet:

This is an app that allows crypto users to do more than just catch up on crypto news and manage existing investments. It allows users to even earn money completing Airdrops and taking part in Quarry’s community activities. In addition, it keeps users updated about all aspects of blockchain technology and curates the top crypto headlines for them. It also has a wallet management service that provides options for importing, tracking and creating crypto wallets. What’s the most unique part is that users can easily search for all prospective Airdrops in cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications and stay informed. The download link for this app is:

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4. CryptoNews:

One of the most popular cryptocurrency news apps, this keeps you updated and always alert with push up notifications. Yet, this app’s features ensure it doesn’t drain your smartphone’s battery too much and you can still have a look at the prices of every major cryptocurrency at any given time and read curated content from the most reliable websites. You can download it here:

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5. Crypto News-Bitcoin, Altcoins & Blockchain News:

A still growing app as it is This simplistically named application is another user-friendly way to keep oneself updated with all aspects of the crypto and blockchain markets. What makes it so unique is the fact that it provides a video aggregation service as well from the top YouTube channels so you can hear analysis and predictions straight from the mouth of experts, on your phone screen. In addition, one can also read articles from over a hundred sources. With a fast and simply organized user interface that allows you to sort your feed as per preferences, this app makes you wonder how it is possible for a completely free app to deliver so much. Download it here:

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The number of apps keep on growing with the number of users adopting crypto in their life. Since mobile devices are handy and the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, the chances of losing an opportunity declines with the help of these apps.