Bearish Phase is The Best Time to Enter the Crypto Market

The current bearish crypto market trends have reached the longest duration since the inception of the crypto trade market.  The downfall which started in the latter half of November after the infamous BCH hard fork has continued in the first quarter of 2019.

Major cryptocurrencies already lost in excess of 80% of their total market valuation to the bearish trends in 2018. The prolonged bearish trends have already pushed many altcoins on the brink of the crypto graveyard. All the investors who made millions out of their investment in 2017 and predicted only the rise of cryptocurrencies are looking the other way.

So, has the bubble burst? Does the current market trends indicate a certain doom for the cryptocurrencies? Well, not really, the crypto world is little divided but many seasoned trading gurus and even institutional investors believe that the current prolonged bearish trend could do a world of good for the cryptocurrency.

Why One Should Invest in Crypto When Nobody Cares

One of china’s crypto billionaire and a seasoned trader, Zhao Dong believes that the best time to invest in the crypto is when nobody cares. Dong explains that while the markets are down and major players are focusing on taking out their money before any further losses, the time is perfect for newcomers

Dong says,

The people who [are currently] paying attention to bitcoin are obviously [a lot fewer] than the [number of interested investors during the] bull market, and … naturally … the prices [are] low right now.

Dong believes that it would be a wise decision for those who have heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for long, but the high prices limited their investment interest. So, buying and holding Bitcoin is the best option, as the bearish market trends would end some day, and people would start flocking the market again.

He says,

For 2018, everyone should just try to have a good winter. 2020 [will] bring the [crypto] spring … with ‘summer’ [or the digital asset bull market] not expected until 2021.

Institutional Investors Turning towards Crypto

To make it more obvious that the current prolonged bearish market trends are not all bad news, recently JP Morgan the biggest critique of Bitcoin and crypto, in general, has started to show interest in the crypto trade market. One of the analysts from the firm even made it evident while putting out his views on the current crypto trade markets and what institutions like JP Morgan make of it.

The JP Morgan analyst said, if we look beyond the price point, the current price of Bitcoin rallying around the $3500 mark is a great thing as it suggests that the Bitcoin has finally started to move away from its bubble-like trends and showing signs of stability.

The analyst also suggested that the current stability in prices could actually attract institutional investors from Wall-street who were often critical of the price volatility of the crypto trade market.

Recently JP Morgan partnered with Ripple to help it expand its user base and achieve mass-adoption. Apart from JP Morgan, more institutional investors are forraying towards the crypto space in recent times. This clearly indicates that the current bearish market is in no way hampering the progress of the crypto space, in contrary it is attracting even the hardest critique and proving it’s worth more than anytime before.

Final Thoughts

The complexities associated with the trade market are hard to predict, however when the market is as new as cryptocurrencies which do not have government approval, a stake in real-world but only the technology as an aid, it’s even harder to predict the market.

However, this is in no way a low point for the market as the crypto space has come over much bigger problems in the past. The hue and cry around the price point are only from the early investors who have tasted the success in 2017 and do not look past the price-point. Thus, if you are a crypto enthusiast and looking to enter the trade market, look at the positive aspects and if you see the potential that many others do, make your choice.