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Australia’s bid to streamline digital id via blockchain may save thousands

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) are working with government agencies, the private sec, or and the public to design and implement a digital identity solution for Australia. According to DTA, digital identification platform is moving into beta phase, with CEO Gavin Slater telling Senate Estimates on Tuesday morning the next stage will allow individuals to create an online form of ID.

To give people a consistent and reliable experience, the government needs to work closely with stakeholders under common standards and using common tools. It should be safe and easy for everyone to prove who they are. This means giving people a secure option to verify their identity online rather than needing to visit an office or shopfront.

The Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) provides a standard for digital identity in Australia. It aims to make sure all users have a safe and secure way to connect with government services online.

The TDIF provides the foundations for consistent, secure and reliable digital identity for everyone. The framework outlines the robust accreditation standards organisations must meet in order to be accredited to provide digital identity services.

The framework outlines the robust accreditation standards organizations must meet in order to be accredited to provide digital identity services.

The DTA consulted with the financial sector, privacy advocates, digital identity experts and the public to develop the standards. More than 1,000 comments were received through public consultation which helped to shape the framework.

The framework outlines requirements for security, usability, privacy protection, accessibility, fraud protection and risk management.

This component of the framework outlines the standards for identity services for individuals. Later this year we will release additional components which will manage an offline option for creating a digital identity and standards to authorize individuals to act on behalf of a business.

These components will help remove the burden on people who do not have the required documentation to create their digital identity online. It will also simplify the interactions business people have to have with the government to get their work done.