alibaba on to of blockchain

Alibaba On Top Of The Blockchain Game With Most Number Of Patents Filed

Those who believe blockchain technology is the future, for them, Alibaba Group Holding is worth to keep the eye on. Why? Because it’s leading the pack in blockchain patent.

Having filed the highest number of blockchain related patents till the date, this multinational tech giant led by Jack Ma has spotted No. 1 position in the game. Alibaba filed 43 blockchain related patents from the total of 406 worldwide last year. This has put China as #1 country leading the race of blockchain with 56% of all the blockchain related patents. Most of Alibaba’s blockchain patents covered the areas of invention, design and utility.

Jack Ma is well-known for being vocal in his endorsement of Blockchain Technology. He has publicly made a statement about blockchain as a game changer for the world. Below is what he has stated:

“Blockchain technology can help overcome the challenges of security, sustainability and inclusion. It could change our world more than people can imagine […] Traditional financial institutions serve 20 percent of people and make 80 percent of profits. New financial institutions should service 80 percent of people, and make 20 percent of profit.”

According to the statement given by Alibaba’s Founder and Chairman, Blockchain Patents filed by him aren’t just the proof of his strong interest in this system. This eCommerce giant seems to know a lot about blockchain as a comparison to any other tech giant, giving preference to this ever-emerging technology. This maybe the reason that he has scored huge points for his blockchain partnership.

With the above discussion, one this is sure that this Blockchain system is going to stay in the market for the longer period of time and Alibaba will continue to prove itself as a game changer. So keep your eyes stick to Alibaba Holding Group, if you want to see Blockchain Technology going to the new heights.