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AI and Blockchain Can Change The Face of Digital Marketing

Blockchain and AI are the two rapid erupting technologies that are being adopted throughout the world. Oftenly labeled as overhyped, these technologies have the potential to shake the world and have an impact sooner than the people realize.

Blockchain has the capability to disrupt the digital marketing industry through transparency and to increase trust. While, identifying target audiences, creating content and even finding the right influencer for your brand are some human tasks that can be done in the AI.

The Role of Blockchain In Digital Marketing

Blockchain has a transparent database which restricts the digital marketing industry from facing trust issues. It removes the need for a third-party and is secure from any fraud transaction.

AdChain has been created as a collaborative, global, decentralized whitelist of approved publishers by MetaX to solve brand safety issues. Google has collaborated with some of the publishers to launch their own whitelist which is a decentralized, transparent, open, and provide a shared solution.

Blockchain might even solve the problem of customer frustration with the current advertising that is going on. The viewers can be rewarded for the attention that they pay while watching an advertisement if, Blockchain is adopted.

Consumers will readily accept this environment because they get a choice as to whether to accept the advertisement or not and if they accept the option, they get rewarded. The brands advertising their product pays the viewer a part of the money spent in form of digital assets.

The Role Of AI in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence, a rapidly evolving technology has also started to have an impact on the Digital Marketing Industry. The industry is seeing more human tasks being replaced by the AI. This startup Sqreem has set an AI to detect the target audience for a product/brand. It also determines what type of content/ message is to be sent to that target audience.

Affable, a startup that uses AI to pick the right micro-influencers for brand engagement. Monitoring and reporting of the results of these influencers by an image analysis and the AI automatically reject any inappropriate content.

It was made clear last year that Blockchain and AI are not just two buzzwords. A lot of startups are using these technologies and have seen a new era of automation and trust in the digital marketing industry.