After Being Accused Of Crypto-jacking, Abstractism Removed From Steam

BTC Wires: If there is something fishy about things that you do on a regular basis, you would inevitably notice it. The same thing has been happening since a couple of weeks now. Apparently, gamers who played the Abstractism, a PC gaming platform, noticed that it was probably doing something suspicious.

On this suspected issue, Abstractism has been accused of crypto-jacking the gamers’ machines. This means the platform has been continuously using the resources of the users to mine cryptocurrencies. Based on this continuous accusation, Abstractism has now been removed from Steam.

Abstractism has a very easy and simple interface that looks innocent and trivial and did not look to have any such immoral approach in the first place. It first showed up on Steam on March 15. However, despite having the comparatively lower-end interface, it caused the users’ systems to die out of overuse and heating had become regular.

And for any simple game, that just had a box moving through obstacles, such high processor requirement looked unnatural and abnormal. Players complained that their processing systems and the graphics unit appeared to be in pain every time the game was running and even when it was not.

This was followed by a number of reviews on Steam that Abstractism had spread a kind of virus on the PC that was disguised as the name Steam.exe. After looking into the game carefully, the people came to the conclusion that it was crypto-jacking, a process by which the system is taken over illegally, without the users knowing, and used for mining cryptocurrency.

However, the developer of Abstractism said that the game does not mine cryptocurrencies at all. The users may have used higher GPU power to run games, which caused such processor overuse.

The allegations against the game are still high enough to wipe out the explanations from the developer. Many tech-savvy people commented that it has the same effects even if the user is playing on a virtual machine. Plus, a lot of network activities have also been detected while the game is on the run.