Accenture To Keep Track Of The Quality Of Shipments Through Blockchain

BTC Wires: Professional consulting agents Accenture Global Solutions are now reportedly looking into the usage of blockchain technology in order to automate and therefore simplify their shipping logistics.

The new system suggested by the organisation would determine the exact specifications of goods being shipped and keep the information secure on blockchains, according to a release published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The system will then be able to track the goods as and when they are shipped between locations, and make use of the blockchain ledger details to get information on the goods’ status and condition. Devices that would be part of the network, which could even be robots or unmanned aerial vehicles, will be able to obtain confirmations on the integrity of these shipments and in real time time compare the information to that stored on the blockchain ledgers. Driverless and other autonomous vehicles and devices might also be able to access the information stored in the ledgers.

If an accessing device manages to verify the identity of an object satisfactorily by successfully matching the attributes to those stored on the ledgers, it will allow the object to continue on its journey, to either be placed on containers to be shipped off by vehicles, or to be further used in a manufacturing procedure, or to be kept on a shelf somewhere.

If the data obtained from the two sources do not match somehow, the system might receive an order from the device to return the shipment and pause the payment procedures.

This system will also have provisions for automated alerts to be provided to the relevant managers involved in the procedure and for the regulatory government agencies as well. If deemed necessary, the system would also call a meeting of the managers involved, or ask for an investigation regarding the integrity of the product.

This application is the latest of Accenture’s displays of keenness in cryptocurrency-based applications. It is also not the company’s first try at securing intellectual properties in tech.

Accenture and Microsoft partnered up last summer, and are now involved in talks with the World Economic Forum and the United Nations on digital identity projects.