7 Reasons To Buy Tether in 2019

In this new year, it’s time to get your investments in order once again and today we give you 7 reasons to buy Tether in 2019 so you can decide whether you will set aside a portion of your crypto portfolio for this stablecoin or not.

In our beginner’s guide to Tether, we had explained how this stablecoin works.

In many of our earlier articles, we have also discussed how much flak Tether has gotten over the years for its alleged lack of transparency.

Having said that, Tether does offer some great points in its favour which can induce you to consider this as a viable investment this year. To that end, here is a set of reasons to choose Tether in 2019.

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1. Bridge Cryptocurrency

We know that higher adoption makes any crypto coin more valuable and a great investment to go for, because of the increased value.

Now Tether’s adoptability can be boosted greatly by the fact that it can used as a bridge cryptocurrency to facilitate faster, smoother transactions. It is a stablecoin with the value of each unit being equal to 1 USD.

For this, it provides a degree of standardisation which helps as a transition facilitator, especially since the Tether blockchain does offer a substantial amount of security in transactions.

2. Stability

Since it is a stablecoin we are talking about, the stability plays a huge role in making Tether a great investment option.

In a market full of volatile cryptocurrencies, here you have a coin which has a value always equivalent to 1 US Dollar.

This frees you from a lot of worries that plague most crypto investors choosing other coins.

3. Easy to Buy

Tether is a widely available crypto coin or rather, stablecoin.

The ease of availability also makes it a convenient option for investors. Instead of going through each and every exchange, hoping to find a listing or pairing, you can rest assured that most of the top cryptocurrency exchanges definitely have Tether, making it an easy deal to get.

4. Easy To Sell

If at any point, you are not too happy with how Tether has been performing, you can sell it off with a considerable degree of convenience.

Especially since each unit of Tether corresponds to one US Dollar, it becomes particularly easy to convert, without having to deal with the highly volatile elements that usually plagues the crypto market.

5. Easy To Store

After buying Tether, it is also quite easy to store it well. Since it’s a well-established cryptocurrency, it is easy to find an online or offline wallet that will securely store your USDT holdings.

In fact, the top crypto wallets like Trezor and Ledger Nano S are also on their way to integrating Tether as a part of their wallet services.

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6. Backed By A Strong Technology

Some Tether coins are built on and hence backed by the Bitcoin Omni Layer Protocol. Clearly, this provides it with a sufficient degree of credibility.

In addition, it also has ERC-20 token options, built on the Ethereum network. Tether collaborated with Ethfinex to come up with the ERC 20 tokens, expanding the technology backing of the crypto coin.

7. Fiat Exchanges

Tether, with its easy convertibility, is great for exchanging fiat currencies.

Actually, it seems to be the best of both worlds, allowing users to make use of fiat in the manner of crypto coins with great ease.

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