7 Reasons To Buy Monero in 2019

In case you are looking for convincing reasons to buy Monero in 2019, we believe we have them for you right here.

The currency has been creating quite the buzz in the market, which is why there are myriad reasons to invest in Monero in the year 2019.

Currently sitting at the 13th position, the cryptocurrency is trading at $44.99. Albeit the cryptocurrency has seen some ups and downs, it still a very prudent asset to own.

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So here are the 7 odd reasons, why you should consider buying Monero.

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Monero in 2019

1. Anonymity

Monero offers genuine anonymity amongst all the other cryptocurrencies, which makes it an important cryptocurrency to own, if you are looking to make anonymous transactions.

2. Scalability

Monero helps solves the scalability issue which is currently persistent with bitcoins. It is generally a more scalable cryptocurrency than bitcoin and most of its contemporary altcoins.

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3. Maximum Block Size System

Monero has introduced a block reward penalty system, instead of putting in place the maximum block size system. This makes it a great investment to own and buy, considering its practical advantages.

4. Finite Resource

Out of the total available supply of 18.4 million, 16.7 million of Monero has already been mined. This would be a great time to buy the cryptocurrency, considering it will have reached its mining cap soon.

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5. Return on Investment

If one invests in Monero now, chances of great return on investment are on the horizon, considering the high demand for the cryptocurrency.

6. Accepted As Payments

Recently a news broke about Monero being accepted as currency for gaming merch by Epic Games, creators of the game Fortnite. Although it later came out that this was a mistake, it still shows that the cryptocurrency is slowly being accepted as a form of payment.

7. Fungibility

Monero has a key characteristic called Fungibility, which makes it quite similar to money. This means that one unit of Monero is interchangeable with another unit of Monero easily and immediately upon demand. This is only possible since the privacy feature ensures that no old transactions are captured in the records.

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