7 Popular Cryptocurrency News Apps

If one is a regular on the crypto scene, it is extremely important to catch up with the news of what’s hot and what’s not in the market. While the internet does offer a large number of websites to keep one up-to-date, sometimes it might be more convenient to have the biggest news from the crypto scene delivered directly to your smartphone notifications.

For that, there are countless news aggregator apps that populate the industry and are relied upon by investors because they provide a one-stop news outlet for the biggest headlines of the day from the best news websites. They pick and choose from the most detailed and reliable news pieces to deliver the best in the form of hot news notifs. Here’s a look at the 7 most popular ones :

1. Coin Stats: This app provides updates from a whopping number of 40 websites to make sure one never misses a big headline as it breaks. With a nifty search tool and options to customise news updates, this app is well-equipped handle all news needs of a crypto user or investor. The portfolio function also allows the user to monitor the ups and downs of more than 1800 virtual currencies, while keeping one connected to over 30 wallets and exchanges to make sure portfolios are automatically synced.

2. Crypto News: Named simply and straightforwardly, this news aggregation app packs quite a punch. It provides updates regarding headlines from the fields of not just cryptocurrency trading but also blockchain technology applications, crypto-mining etc.

3. Cryptocurrency News Encyclopedia: With an extremely simplistic user interface that makes it very easy to scroll through the various categories, this news app specializes in providing news in real time, through a timeline feature. Website, Blogs and Twitter are some of the categories that one can make use of, easily filtering out sources one does not need.

4. CoinView: This particular app is extremely versatile because it combines news aggregation with trusty market monitoring tools. In addition, it also provides a portfolio management service. This app allows one to follow Twitter updates in addition to the news sources. It also provides one all relevant information regarding new ICOs so that users can take investment calls easily with its aid.

5. News360: This news app is not meant just for crypto users but has gained a great deal of popularity among them. It’s a news app that can be personalized as it is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It gradually develops an understanding of a user’s news preferences and filters out to choose the best from more than 100,000 sources. The user can choose their preferred categories to remain updated.

6. Crypto Viewer: Besides being a news app, Crypto Viewer also allows one to keep tabs on how a currency is doing in various markets with correlation with several national currencies. In addition, the app is available in many languages to fit itself to needs of people from various countries. It is a free app but also offers certain paid services and subscriptions.

7. BlockFolio: One of the largest free apps in the market, BlockFolio offers support for more than 3000 cryptocurrencies. In addition, it offers key news headlines from market changes and provides latest prices and tendencies of all digital currencies.