5 Ways To Earn Free Ethereum

We have already told you about the ten ways to earn free cryptocurrency. There, we have also told you about how it will take quite a bit of time and patience for you to really earn crypto without spending anything. The same logic applies for earning free Ethereum. As long as you bear that factor in mind, you should be able to earn some using our 5 ways to get free Ethereum.

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The following are the 5 ways you can use to earn some Ethereum cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) for free.

1. Ethereum Faucets

If you run a quick Google search or look in the Google Play Store for Android phones and the App Store for iPhones, you will easily be able to find some Ethereum faucets.

These Ethereum faucets will drop tiny amounts of Gwei, a very small unit of Ethereum and you will have to give it a lot of time and patience in order to earn enough to make a difference.

It is advisable that you use multiple Ethereum faucets simultaneously so as to increase the possibility of gains effectively.

2. Easy Ethereum Mining Apps like MinerGate

Easy-to-use Ethereum mining apps such as MinerGate can be used to earn small amounts of Ethereum. These apps do not require you to invest much in way of computing power or hardware.

Simply using your phone’s CPU is enough for it to mine some ETH for you. Of course, how much ETH you will be able to earn in this way is largely dependent on your phone’s CPU strength.

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3. Ethereum Games

The App store or the Google Play Store will often let you download certain games that lets you earn cryptocurrencies by way of earning rewards. Some of these games reward you by paying you Ethereum.

Most of these games happen to be quite easy to play, like the “Free Ethereum Spinner” game where you must simply spin a wheel of fortune to earn Ethereum. Often, you can amp up your potential to earn by watching some ads on the platform.

4. Earn By Completing Online Tasks

There are many sites out there that pay you in cryptocurrencies like ETH for performing and completing tasks as simple as watching videos, entering data into databases and taking surveys. One such website happens to be www.earncrypto.com.

There are many more websites like this out there which can let you get paid for performing these micro tasks. Choosing one of them to earn Ethereum should do the trick for you, if you are prepared to be patient.

5. Cashback Websites like RETN Deals

Some websites such as RETN Deals often have great cashback offers that can allow you to get free Ethereum for simply purchasing goods online with coupons you get from them.

With options like “click to earn” and small discounts on products from major brands such as Nike and Domino’s, you can save some money while also earning ETH on the side.

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