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5 Sport Stars Who Use Cryptocurrencies

  • LIONEL MESSI: Being one of the most followed sports persons, Lionel Messi has set the standards of Blockchain to a different level and the huge number of people who follow the greatest of all time, have now been aware of the fact that cryptocurrencies are taking the market by storm. Leo was extremely excited at the initial phase of Blockchain development.
  • FLOYD MAYWEATHER: The boxing legend is not behind in promoting STOX. Just before the iconic fight against Conor McGregor, Floyd aggressively promoted Hubii Network, the ICO of a blockchain based content network. That is some tech savviness!
  • LOTHAR MATTHAUS: A successful football manager and one of the most prolific German players of all time, Lothar Matthaus featured in 5 FIFA World Cups for his nation. He endorsed TokenStars as a Football Ambassador. He stated that decentralising the scouting process would give rise to more and more Maradonas in near future.
  • MIKE TYSON: When the sport Boxing comes up in any random talk, the name Mike Tyson is seldom missed. He has partnered with Bitcoin Direct in order to introduce Bitcoin ATM which is humorously said to dispense the amount in less time than Tyson took to knock-out his opponents. Clever marketing!
  • TOMMY HAAS: The TokenStars team doesn’t seem to stop. It recently signed the German professional tennis player and ex-world No. 2 player Tommy Haas. He is currently the Tennis Ambassador for the TokenStars firm. On a player level, Haas has won 15 singles titles and has reached the Wimbledon final once.