5 Reasons To Buy VeChain In 2019

We are back to helping you with your 2019 investment decisions, this time giving you 5 reasons to buy VeChain in 2019.

Once you read all about the 5 factors that make VeChain an incredibly valuable emerging player in the crypto market, we are sure you will definitely make a run for one of top cryptocurrency exchanges to buy some VeChain.

The following are the 5 reasons that should be enough of an inducement:

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1. Notable Partnerships of VeChain

Since the time of its launch, VeChain has managed to ink deals with the biggest names in a number of businesses. The fact that it has gotten such illustrious firms on board definitely tells us a lot about its credibility.

What are the brands that have joined the bandwagon? Well, the list is long and star-studded. Consultancy services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers or PwC, a reputed multinational, has collaborated with VeChain, as has automobile major Renault.

DNV GL has also signed a deal with VeChain in the presence of Norwegian royalty to deal with the issue of carbon emission. Baby Ghost, China Unicom, Hyperledger, MadeForGoods are only some of the other notable partnerships VeChain has bagged.

So if companies this major have bet their money and minds on VeChain, why not you?

BMW and the Oxford University Mathematical Institute, both extremely respected and credible names in their respective fields, have also come on board.

2. VeChain has Affinity With The Chinese Government

It is no secret that China is today a major world power, with the ability to disrupt established channels of economic and policy decisions. Even the government of such a powerful country has decided to ally itself with VeChain.

VeChain has a National Level Partnership with the government of China, aiming to set up a center for emerging technologies like blockchain technology at Gui’ an.

Given that one of the leading governments of the world has chosen to place its trust in VeChain definitely gives this player a major competitive edge in the market.

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3. Variegated Use Cases of VeChain

VeChain has a considerable number of very consequential use cases that add to its value, and take adoptability in a positive direction, effectively encouraging a rise in value and price.

Its use cases are spread across a number of fields, including the use of blockchain in supply chain, sustainable development, internet of things, renewable energy industry, financial services, data handling and many more.

4. Experience With DApps

DApps or decentralized applications are quite the rising star of the blockchain landscape. VeChain has made an active foray into that field, gaining quite a bit of edge in that regard.

The experience with dApps definitely makes VeChain a dependable option in the crypto-blockchain industry. Recently, it launched a unique app called “My Story” to reliably test wine quality.

5. Backed By An Incredibly Competent Team

VeChain is led and operated by a Singapore-based non-profit known as the VeChain foundation.

The CEO of this organization is Sunny Lu, who is really well-known in the industry for being a man with long experience in blockchain and crypto.

Sunny Lu had earlier been involved in the Chinese startup Qtum, which has also done pretty well for itself.

In addition, the team led by Sunny Lu is one of consummate professionals who are leading VeChain to a brighter future.

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