5 Reasons Data Scientists Should Use Blockchain Technology

With each passing day, more and more use cases for Blockchain technology is cropping up. In this regard, some queries that may be circling in your head may be as to why this technology is so unique or why is it worth our attention.

If you have any such questions and are wondering about the uses of blockchain marketing, we might be able to help you out.

What has been grabbing the attention of data scientists, in the wake of Bitcoin’s popularity and usage is the blockchain technology that underpins it. Bitcoin has promoted this decentralized record as an open-source and clear network that is undoubtedly made secure by the very robust cryptographical calculations.

It is quite easy to see how this public issued ledger for a permanent record charge and a system of deals, is related to big data analytics.

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Here are five reasons why data scientists should use blockchain technology.

1. Blockchain promotes data integrity

Several corporations, over these past years, have been looking forward to increasing their data storage capability. Recently, though storage is not the main focus anymore, protection of integrity and privacy of the information has gained major ground.

Using blockchain to store sensitive information comes without the risk of space running out or of a privacy breach.

This is the first reason why data scientist using blockchain technology may be a good idea.

2. Easier to share data

Since blockchain is a decentralized and open source network which facilitates an easy and sleek knowledge flow. This, in turn, reduces the obstructions that may be affecting business.

Paper records are much slower to work through, and though the files do reach the required department, it is often the case that some copies are often altered and find lost in transit similarly.

3. Data becomes easier to track

Many data scientists are as of now depending on blockchain to verify and track knowledge at each purpose on a series. What contributes to this is blockchain’s changeless security.

Multiple signatures are required by this localized ledger in order to prevent knowledge leaks and hacks. For one to access info, the precise signatures need to be provided.

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4. It is trustworthy

Trust is a very important quality to search out today when too many hands of power in the centralized systems are taking up responsibilities of regulation.

With trustless operations of the blockchain marketing, organizations will effortlessly collaborate by sharing a pool of knowledge at their disposal. Some countries like Venezuela have even gone ahead to host blockchain-powered elections to avoid rigging and foster constitutional democracy.

5. Real-time analysis

Being able to analyze information in real time is of great use to banks and other such organizations. This offers a chance to observe the changes minutely, which is very useful in finding fraudsters.

With the distributed species of the blockchain marketing, several firms find exceptions in a database very timely.


Data science which is an ever-evolving field and is still as dynamic as corporations and organizations try to figure out new ways to be more efficient.

Blockchain offers robust security and transparent record keeping and can assist information scientists to achieve several milestones.

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