5 Must Watch Bitcoin Documentaries

When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin to the world, he might have never imagined that it would turn into a tool for the fourth industrial revolution. Bitcoin white paper defined Bitcoin as a censorship-resistant form of financial exchange, far away from the clutches of centralized authorities like Bank and financial institutions.

If you are a crypto enthusiast or just intrigued by the attention that Bitcoin has gained over the years, and want to know and understand it better, documentaries are the best way to start. Documentaries not only provide the entertainment quota but make sure people watching it gain a lot of knowledge as well.

I will mention 5 must watch Bitcoin documentaries, which would help you understand different aspects of the Bitcoin and also fulfill the entertainment quota.

Bitcoin turned a decade old this new year, and during its lifetime, it has seen many ups & downs, controversy, price volatility, many predictions calling it dead, but it overcame every roadblock to become what it is today.

A decade long lifespan is a very small time-frame for new technology, however, over the years’ Bitcoin has gained enough media attention to become a household name. But, still, many people cannot differentiate between Bitcoin the product and the technology powering it, i.e Blockchain Technology.

Hopefully, the listed documentaries below will help you get a better insight on the digital currency and understand how the technology underneath can be a game-changer of the next decade.

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5 Bitcoin Documentaries To Expand your Bitcoin Knowledge

Most of the people know that Bitcoin is a digital currency which promises fast transaction at minimal transaction fee. However, Bitcoin is not just a simple digital form of a currency, but an amalgam of Maths, computer science, and economics.

The Distributed Ledger Technology it is based on, plays the pivotal role and help it maintain a financial network controlled and taken care by the peers on the network. Now let us see which documentaries can provide the best of both world, Entertainment & Knowledge.

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1. The Rise & Rise Of Bitcoin

The documentary has everything for the newcomers as well as those who have been into cryptocurrencies for quite some time now. The film documents the early days of Bitcoin when it was little known and people brushed it off as another internet facade.

The documentary was written and filmed by Daniel Mross, a computer programmer, and two other Bitcoin enthusiasts Patrick Lope and Nicholas Mross. It tells the story about the early rise and fall of Bitcoin. How the digital asset managed to survive the Cyprus crisis (2012-13).

The film holds a distinction among a plethora of documentaries made around the same topic. The film features some of the early adopters and startup builders of Bitcoin and also throw some light on the Bitcoin mining process.

2. Bitcoin – Shape The Future

The documentary was made in China in the Mandarin(Chinese native language) with English subtitle. The film is based on the evolution of Bitcoin in China and the Chinese ecosystem. The film was produced by Balkan (an OTC Bitcoin trading platform running in China since 2013).

The documentary features some of the important players in the Chinese Bitcoin ecosystem namely Bitman, ViaBTC, Huobi, Bixin. It also touches some of the most important topics like “The birth of Bitcoin”, “Who is Satoshi”, “Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges”, ”Grey area of Bitcoin”, ”Risk of Bitcoin” and “Chinese government’s regulations”.

Apart from the Bitcoin, it also talks about the Blockchain technology and the famous Bitcoin Pizza Day. If MAdarin is not your language, no need to worry as the sub-titles are accurate and the documentary is entertaining.

3.The Bitcoin Gospel

One of the must-watch documentaries on Bitcoin, as it covers almost all aspects of the digital asset right from the start. The documentary is so good that if Satoshi is a real person and he would have watched it, he would have been thoroughly satisfied with the experience.

The documentary touches every aspect of the revolutionary digital asset, be it the purpose behind inventing Bitcoin, the financial crisis of 2008, why centralized authorities like banks are against it and feature some of the well-known faces of the Bitcoin world.

The documentary talks about the mining process and mining farms, how the digital asset can help people make the cross-border transaction at a minimal transaction fee. If you are in it for the technology, then you must not miss out on it.

4. The Blockchain and Us

One of the most complete films ever made around the Bitcoin Blockchain and the technology. It features some of the well-known software developers, cryptologists, researchers, entrepreneurs, consultants, VCs, authors, politicians, and futurists from the United States, Canada, Switzerland, the UK, and Australia who shares their perspective on what the technology is and what it means to them.

The documentary has won several accolades for its completeness and documentation of various aspects of the Bitcoin. If you are new then the documentary is must watch.

5. The Bitcoin Phenomenon

The documentary covers the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision and the early days of the creator. The film also features Gavin Anderson, who interacted with Satoshi and also got convinced about the idea behind the invention after reading his white paper.


The documentary talks about the evolution of Bitcoin and how the currency conquered many financial worries with the help of technology.

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Documentaries are the best way to educate yourself while being entertained, and the same holds true in case of all the 5 must watch Bitcoin documentaries above. These documentaries will help you to understand the technology better and know why Bitcoin is being lauded as the next big thing in technology and the financial sector.

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