Best dApps in 2019

5 Best & Popular dApps You Can Use in 2019

Decentralized applications or dApps are becoming more and more popular with each passing day as various teams are finding new ways to decentralized almost everything.

The purpose of building decentralized application came with the requirement to take power from platform authorities who will make rules naturally that will favor them.

Whereas, with decentralized applications, standards are set and being implemented by using smart contracts.

Since the blockchain is all about transparency, teams who build dApps have their codes displayed publicly for anyone who is willing to verify its operations.

This new way of building applications had come a long way from when it all began that was just to make financial transactions possible between two parties without any need for a mediator.

Presently, there has been more application of the new technology in almost every sector to the economy.

Most importantly, dApps developers are finding ethical means to reward their users by using the platform’s native tokens which are easily tradeable into real money.

That way, they bring their tokens to the limelight, and also to remain relevant to the users of their platforms.

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5 Great dApp Projects You Should Use

Listed are the great projects which reward users for their usage, and they are amazing –

#1 – The Brave Project; Browsing With Total Privacy

Brendan Eich heads the Brave team. The Brave browser, with the help of BAT token, rewards users for viewing ads.

Different from other browsers where users are tracked and delivered tailored ads, this browser will allow its users to choose what information the user wants to be revealed.

This way, no central authority gets all the money from ad publishers. Instead, those funds directly go to the users or viewers which it rightly belongs to.

#2 – Peepeth; A Twitter Alternative

Similar to Twitter, Peepeth is a social media platform but, it’s better.

Just like the case with the browsers, if you thought that you have been accessing these web platforms for free, then you have got things wrong.

Your details which you voluntarily give to these platforms are converted to wealth without your notice.

Thus, they can afford to bring you better updates which make you willingly or unknowingly give up your details.

#3 – LBRY Credits; Publish and Sell Your Own Contents

The LBRY project is especially developed for content creators who make contents for others on daily basis.

This is the platform that runs on the blockchain that makes it easy for users to publish their contents while holding all the fundamentals and rights to it and also getting paid without a mediator.

#4 – Storm Play; Earn Money Completing Micro-Tasks

Formally known as BitMaker, the Storm platform gives freelancers the opportunity to work remotely and get paid their real worth without getting to pay ridiculous cuts to traditional freelance platforms.

#5 – Sia; The Decentralized Cloud Storage Platform

Sia is a decentralized storage platform like Google Drive and Dropbox. Different from its competitors, Sia uses the blockchain technology to store data.

The idea behind this project was conceived at the HackMIT Hackathon 2013 and is not getting headed by nebulous Inc, which is a US-based blockchain startup.


There is a shortage of ways to earn cryptocurrency through tasks, work, or leveraging available resources that you already have.

This list of 5 best & popular dApps offers some of the best approaches that could be helpful for you in 2019.

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