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$351,000 blockchain and DLT scholarship fund established by University of Malta

Malta, the go-to-place for cryptocurrency and blockchain giants, has taken a step forward in the world of blockchain technology. The University of Malta has launched a $351,000 blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) scholarship fund.

Because of the conducive regulations, blockchain technology is growing at a rapid pace in Malta. The government of Malta has welcomed major global players in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The University of Malta has also taken a step to promote the technology and partnered with the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) to establish the scholarship funds. MITA is also considering similar initiatives at other educational institutes. The scholarship fund is targeted at the students of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), engineering, finance, and law. The scholarship will start in the coming year and will be split over three years. Students who are completing their Master’s and PhD in blockchain technology and DLT can apply for the scholarship.

According to Alfred Vella, the University rector, Malta University is planning to integrate units which are related to digital currencies, blockchain technology, DLT, artificial intelligence, and fintech into degree and Master’s program in ICT, Law, Finance, and other fields.

The regulatory framework of Malta aims to bring stability into the crypto industry. Some crucial steps taken by the government has also given faith to many companies. As the government of Malta has clear intentions to attract the crypto and blockchain players in the country, the demand for trained staff will rise in the future. Crypto and blockchain companies will require technical resources not only to build but also to operate. Other than technical resources experts in the field of financial services, law, and management will also be in demand. The step of the University of Malta will not only ensure the sufficient staffing for the global blockchain giants in the future but also provide new opportunities for its students.  

The digital economy parliamentary secretary Silvio Schembri said that he wants to see Maltese graduates at higher positions at blockchain and crypto companies.