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10 Ways To Get Free Cryptocurrency

There is no such thing as a free lunch but in the world of crypto, there does seem to be such as thing as free cryptocurrency. Although these can be quite time-consuming and exhausting, there are certain ways to get free cryptocurrency. Here are 10 of them:

1. Airdrops

For promotional purposes, many companies and new crypto startups often give out free cryptocurrencies to prospective users. These can be meant to reward the loyalty of an existing user or simply to promote awareness about a new cryptocurrency.

Airdrops come to your wallet absolutely free of cost, as long as you take the trouble of checking Reddit forums and relevant websites regularly for airdrop updates.

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2. Gaming

Some games, which are usually full of ads and hence are rather slow, often pay you small amounts of cryptocurrencies out of their ad revenue to keep you on their page, playing and viewing ads put up by their sponsors.

3. Referral Programmes

Often referrals programmes on cryptocurrency exchanges and other crypto firms can help you earn small amounts of free cryptocurrencies.

By sending referral codes to friends and acquaintances and making them sign up for a service, you can easily make some easy easy crypto bucks.

4. Bounty Programmes

A lot of crypto and blockchain platforms offer bounty programmes where you can earn cryptocurrencies without shelling out a single buck.

You may have to do some blockchain developing work, or promote a service or crypto coin on relevant forums to earn such bounty.

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5. ICO Investments

When you invest in ICOs after a thorough research into the project aims, team of developers, credibility of the white paper and so on, you can stand the chance to earn bonuses on whatever cryptocurrency you do shell out money for.

However, ICO scams are extremely common so make sure you do not invest in a shady ICO.

6. Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets are websites that “drip” extremely tiny amounts of cryptocurrencies all through the day.

If you are patient enough to stay on that page for long enough, you may end up earning a small amount of cryptocurrencies via faucets.

7. DApp Rewards

Some dApps, say blockchain-based prediction market Augur for example, give out rewards for tasks using cryptocurrencies.

If you manage to find a dApp like that and then earn crypto rewards, you can end up with free crypto.

8. Shopping Sites

Many shopping sites offer cashback facilities (Lolli being a notable example) when you purchase via cryptocurrencies.

As a result, you can wind up with something that doubles as free cryptocurrency and a damn good discount!

9. Crowdholding

Many new crypto firms choose to go for something that is called crowdholding, whereby you get rewards for simply holding some cryptocurrencies for these startups as they carry on with the initial leg of their project.

Being on the lookout for updates can help you bag such projects.

10. Use a Wallet With A Free Coin Promotional Scheme

The market for mobile and app-based wallets can be quite competitive. To stand out, many wallets offer free coins to customers as the part of a promotional offer. Choosing one such wallet can also help you earn free crypto.

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