With CoTrader, The Investment and Trading Zone Is Up For A Digital Evolution

The crypto investment industry is definitely a bankable space. For those who are aware of the right channels, there is just no end to minting money. After all, in an industry that currently stands at over USD 85 trillion and growing daily at a humongous rate, there is no dearth of opportunities. But these are just numbers, as people yearning to make big bucks are quite less. Even with the newest generation of assets, cryptos and ICOs that have generated 1000x returns, investors are not very comfortable in investing. The reason being, it does require a fair amount of time and certain level of understanding.

A Brief Overview of What CoTrader Is All About

Enter CoTrader, an innovative digital platform that ensures its investors maximum returns in minimum time. It has democratized funds and the way they are traded. Being a decentralized domain, it eliminates the middleman and offers a smooth peer to peer transaction where the investor is in complete authority of his own assets. It has efficiently utilized the blockchain technology to make investment a tremendous profitable venture both for the people investing and managing assets. Since fund market is also about gaining a fair understanding of its ups and downs, there are fund managers who sail along with investors. With them the chances of profits become higher since they have a demonstrated ROI history.

CoTrader Ensures A Secure Trade Across All Centralized Exchanges

CoTrader supports stocks, options, derivatives, cryptos and all the other tradable assets. These are traded on all major centralized exchanges, from Ameritrade to Binanace via a secure decentralised exchange which is a smart escrow point. This smart contract also ensures that funds are released to a fund manager only when the cryptos are send to the buyer.

Security Is Warranted at Both The Ends Of The Spectrum

Providing a safe and secure platform to both, the investors and fund managers, its algorithms conceal a fund manager’s trading strategies. It doesn’t mean that the investor won’t be able to have a glance at the credibility of the fund manager. The proof of returns is easily accessible on the blockchain. Its protocols are inclusive of Ring Signatures, Bulletproof, zk-STARKs and zk-SNARKs.

How much does everyone make?

With an investment, it is quite evident that the investor (co-trader) is going to reap profit but then what is in it for the fund managers (traders) or for the platform itself? After all, even the platform would require some gas for its operations. So, every time a fund manager makes 1000 times his own money, he gets a certain prescribed performance fee. Say for instance, a 10% fee is prescribed by the fund manager, so he would make 100 times of his own money and the platform will receive a certain minute fee. The investors on the other hand, will be allotted profit on the basis of their share in the fund.

A very similar funding environment is exhibited by several other platforms like Iconomi and eToro, so why would investor turn to CoTrader? It’s not to say that these platforms are not legit but it’s about how much control the investor has on his own funds and the amount of fees that is being charged. Keeping that in view,  CoTrader rises a notch above the rest, hands down.