EVERLIFE ICO: Token to fuel a Decentralized Economy of AI Avatars

What can be accomplished in Human life is limited by several factors. The biggest being a very short lifespan with limited years of productive work. Out of 78 years of average lifespan, humans work and earn for effectively 15 years spread across 40-45 years. What if you were immortal and continued to learn and earn forever for yourself and your loved ones?

EverLife is conceived to address twin challenges of productive work during limited lifespan and passing on our legacy. Through the latest tech in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Smart Contracts and P2P protocols, EverLife enables people to create their personal AI Immutable Avatar, that they can talk to, do jobs for them, earn EVER tokens, discover real life opportunities and preserve their legacy on the Blockchain

Your Avatar connects to the EverLife.AI network; which is a distributed p2p gossip network where millions of Avatars connect and do tasks based on the skills they have to earn EVER tokens and generate real-life opportunities. The self-replicating distributed p2p EverLife network ensures that even if you lose access to your AI Avatar host system or it’s no longer recoverable, your immutable Avatar can be respawned on a new machine and the knowledge and memories that was stored by you come back to you from the network.

The EVER token is the fuel for the app and EverLife ecosystem. The token is both a utility and currency which is required for users to enjoy the services of EverLife.AI

What are some of use cases for Ever Token?

Memoir For Ever
Mike purchases Memoir Skill for his Avatar from the Marketplace. His immutable Avatar on the Blockchain now starts interviewing Mike to build out his Memoir by life stage. 50 years down the line Mike’s great grandson can still message Mike’s Avatar and learn all about Mike’s Life, his thoughts, likes and dislikes. So Mike’s legacy lives on and on through his Avatar.

Custom Skill Development and Sale
Mike is a developer who develops a new “Crypto Trading Skill” for Avatars to trade in EVER Vs. XLM on Stellar Decentralized Exchange. Mike publishes this Skill via his Avatar to the network for sale for 500 Ever tokens per month subscription along with the description.

Jack’s Avatar notifies Jack about this new skill it came across. Jack can review and ask his Avatar to buy this skill if he is interested. Jack’s Avatar would pay 500 EVER tokens and subscribe for this skill. Mike’s Avatar sends Jack’s Avatar the skill related package for installation as well as periodic upgrades as and when it becomes available. Jack can enable this new skill, make further edits and optimization and configure this customized skill for his Avatar and have his Avatar start trading for him 24/7 on an ongoing basis.

Distributed Trustless Avatar Workers
Mike asks his Avatar to post a job requirement to generate 100 Vanity Stellar Accounts starting with the word EARN4EVER* and that the price per valid address is 50 EVER along with reference to a ready to run Vanity Generation Skill Definition file which is available to install for free. Thousands of Avatars who are listening for free to install job tasks can take this task up and start work. Once one of them finds a vanity address, it is submitted to Mike’s Avatar who verifies the address and releases the 50 EVER reward to the Avatar who finds it.

Marketing/Advertising Work
A marketing agency decides to use EverLife.AI network to promote an upcoming event of their client on Twitter and Facebook. They purchase EVER from the marketplace to fund this initiative. They publish a job that offers let’s say 1 EVER per tweet or post on Facebook. They mention that Avatars those who have the skill to Tweet on Twitter and Post on Facebook on behalf of their owners are eligible for this job. The Avatar earns EVER whenever they complete this task from the Agency.

Use case: AI Avatars promoting EverLife event at World Blockchain Show


EverLife will develop other aspects related to the Avatar economy and work with companies in marketing operations, advertising and social networks using Blockchain.

EVER Token

EverLife business model and ecosystem are centered on the EVER token. The token is both a utility and currency which is required for users to enjoy the services of EverLife.AI such as the following:

  • Payment for Goods and Services with Smart Contracts
  • Advertising Fee: Avatars of Experts/ merchants can pay for EverLife.AI’s advertising programme by EVER tokens
  • Rewards/Tips will be given for referring new users or merchants who spend on EverLife as appreciation for helping us grow the platform.
  • Transaction Fees:

How EverLife Makes Money

  • EverLife hosted Avatars that share 20% of earnings with EverLife
  • Sale of premium skills developed by EverLife
  • Listing fee in the EverLife.AI market place

EverLife is building an ecosystem where developers develop and list skills in the market place to upgrade Avatars. There could be other interesting and creative avenues of monetization as the network scales the number of Avatars. Right now, it’s already an impressive 60000 Avatars in the MVP earning EVER tokens

What does it all adds upto?

Everlife is simple. Through the intuitive interface you can create a personal Avatar that you can converse with, teach, and help grow with a variety of new skills. This avatar will be the key to preserving your legacy as it discovers real life opportunities through communications with other avatars and even completes jobs for you to earn EVER tokens. These tokens can be spent at the EverLife marketplace (to buy new skills for your avatar) or traded for fiat currencies on a variety of exchanges. Is it starting to click yet? Your EverLife avatar can carry on the work that you’ve begun; it can be taught your crypto trading habits, your speech patterns, etc. One such usage could be to have your avatar interview you during the various stages of your life and then pass on those stories to your grandchildren whenever they ask.

No matter what you choose to use your avatar for, it will benefit from being able to create its own network of other avatars through the EverChain (using its own immutable DAG that only it can write to). It can be a source for potential work, new skills, and various information from the EverChain, all at your command.

Co-Founders and Advisors

EverLife.AI is built by proven pioneers who have been in the industry for the last 18+ years. The team earlier worked on SalesboxAI which has presence in US, Singapore and India with customers across US, EMEA and APAC with a team of over 50 people.

Core Team

Alex is a hands-on tech entrepreneur, marketer, product manager all rolled into one with rich experience in building and launching innovative enterprise software products. Prior to EverLife.AI, Alex founded SalesboxAI – an AI for Sales and Marketing platform. SalesboxAI is focused primarily on driving Sales Traction for businesses using AI to deliver unparalleled results and has today customers across the globe and offices in US, Singapore and India with 50+ employees. Prior to that over 15 years he has experience working in multitude of roles in Product Management, Marketing and as Developer at various startups, Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

Charles heads up engineering at EverLife. Over the last 20 years he has lead teams to deliver products for over a hundred thousand customers as well as worked one-one-one with large clients.

Fredrik is Chief Architect of EverLife. He is the co-founder of Deneb Software Engineering AB, software architect and developer with a fundamental passion for programming, structure, simplicity and cleaner code. Agile practitioner with experience from a multitude of development projects and roles over 15+ years. Projects include large scale multi-site, cross continent, development as well as smaller teams.

Raghu heads business development and partnerships at EverLife. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded EngageNet, FOSEngage and ScanCorner. He brings 15+ years of business development acumen and has scaled multiple startup and enterprise greenfield products in martech, fintech and telecom domains.

The team has worked together in SalesBoxAI and earlier companies as well


Dr Alexander Ressos is the managing partner of Ressos Legal Pte. Ltd. An international corporate and tax lawyer practicing in both Singapore and Hong Kong, Dr Ressos has extensive experience in advising ICO clients from the U.S., South Korea, Thailand, Japan, China, Russia, Europe, and Latin America.

Dominic Tarr is a protocol designer interested in security, databases and data replication. He has published over 700 open source npm modules. He thinks a lot about the social relations created by technical systems and seeks technical systems that produce more equitable relations. He writes solar powered code from a sailboat in New Zealand.

Johan is an award-winning blockchain developer, and an experienced technologist with 15 years of experience from technology startups. He is one of the earliest adopters of Stellar, a two-time Stellar Build Challenge judge, and five-time awardee

Nikolay is an entrepreneur, owner and co-owner of many successful business projects and he is also a renown ICO blockchain advisor and ICObench expert. Cofounder of Top ICO Advisors, a team with the greatest ICO advisors, lawyers and other experts that advises businesses and shares their ICO in Russia, USA, Europe, Asia, Africa. Nikolay is on the board of advisors of several ICO/Startups and he has been awarded the SelfMade Russia award, Tech guru and Super TOP award in the Russian Republic during his 20-year business career.

Vladimir is a world-class professional and business consultant with 10+ years of experience in the legal, finance, retail, and IT industries. Over the past three years, he developed a strong network of over 30000 contacts/followers in the crypto space. As an active supporter and advocate of blockchain technology, he provides consulting and assistance to select ICO projects

Acquiring the EVER Token

Sales of EVER Token will fund the development and marketing of EverLife.AI. The alpha (MVP) already launched with more than 60000 people creating their personal, immutable AI Avatars on the network. The second phase of EVER Token private sale is live now at $0.1 each, with a current bonus offer of 20%. Check out the list of related links below to find out more on EverLife.AI and the EVER token that fuels it.

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