Ripa Exchange – A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution

Ripa Exchange is a crypto asset ecosystem built on ARK-blockchain technology that envisions to facilitate easy entry into the cryptocurrency exchange and trade landscape. This hybrid-decentralized exchange emphasis on lowering the cost involved in opening a new exchange and offering crypto-traders with a safe and secure trading ecosystem.

Primary Features of Ripa Exchanges

  • Open Source Code

The open source code of Peatio allows users to enjoy the services offered by Ripa ecosystem at zero cost. However, users still have to pay for some functions including server and call center operation, network security, and other resources that are associated with the operation of the system.

  • Bank-Grade Security

Ripa integrates AES 256 encryption which is an effective safety measure that eliminates the possibilities of security attacks and secure users private data. AES is staunch encryption that is used by leading fintech enterprises across the globe.

  • Multi-Currency and Exchange Support

Peatio enables users to make multiple trading accounts within the Ripa system, thereby allowing users to trade in multiple currencies through one platform.

  • Optimized Liquidity

Ripa Exchange envisions to offer high liquidity to its users in order to make the exchange process more effective. Moreover, exchanges within the platform are supported by dedicated Ripa Blockchain that further ensures high liquidity.

  • Internationalization

The Peatio blockchain supports multiple languages to promote the usability of the ecosystem all around the globe.

  • Multiple Currency Trading

Ripa Exchange enables trading in multiple cryptocurrencies that include BTC, USDT, Steem, DGB, BCH, XRP, ETH, LTC, DOGE, ARK, etc.

  • Interactive UX/UI

The Ripa team has been developed as a straightforward and innovative UX and UI. It enables users to easily register and log in to the platform. Additionally, it also facilitates easy deposit and withdrawal of funds.

  • Enterprise Exchange

Ripa offers a high-performance machine engine, scalable distributed worker threads, and SMS 2-factor authentication.

  • Proof of Solvency

Proof of Solvency system by Peatio enables users to authenticate the solvency of Peatio-based cryptocurrency exchange.

 Ripa Blockchain

The Ripa team has programmed and developed a dedicated blockchain which is denoted as the Ripa blockchain and operates on the DPOS protocol. Through the Ripa Blockchain users can execute the following functions:-

  • List new cryptocurrencies on the Ripa Exchanges
  • Promote new projects
  • Obtain RipaEx gadget on the RipaEx Store
  • Pay for goods and services on authorized reseller platforms
  • Share liquidity between Ripa Exchange within the same network

Transaction Fees

For standard transactions, the platform charges P 0.1, however, it is subjected to change after the launch of the Ripa Blockchain. Presently, the platform has established the following fee structure for various functions:-

  • Transaction – P1
  • Vote – P 1
  • Second Signature – P 1
  • Multiple Signature – P 1 per signature along with P 1 per account signing
  • Registering a delegate – P 5

Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus System

Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus System (DPoS) that was originally introduced by Bitshares is incorporated within the Ripa Exchange. It was designed to reduce the centralization of computer power and high energy wastage.

Ripa Exchange Trading Console

Ripa Exchange Trading Console is a unique trading UI developed to offer comprehensive data that is accessible on any device, thereby saving time and money of the users. While the design of the console is its prominent element, it is also integrated with effective functions.

Ripa Exchange – Making Cryptocurrency Domain Accessible

Ripa has offered a hybrid blockchain based platform that enables easy and cost-effective entry into the cryptocurrency exchange sphere. Furthermore, its decentralized approach allows traders and investors to enjoy a secure, transparent, and flexible trading experience that helps them garner substantial profits out of their trades.

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