PixelBit Coming: The Innovative System Engaging Frustrated Gamers

Blockchain affects many areas of human life. The game industry does not escape the effects of this technology either, allowing it to improve its processes.


Nowadays, using blockchain in gaming is the perfect way to raise your company to a qualitatively new level. Many gamers are a bit frustrated with the old-school technology, so new opportunities are like a breath of fresh air for them. One such notable project is PixelBit.


What’s Going On In the Game Industry

The gaming industry is full of opportunities to choose where and how to play. Nevertheless, an infinite number of games becomes tiresome over time. There was a need for a novel solution, and blockchain delivered.


The wave of change has begun to encompass the entire game industry, carrying away old methods. Blockchain will change the primary aspects of the $108.9 billion game industry and the experience of 2.2 billion gamers across the world.


Our society is moving toward an unhindered interaction with the digital world. However, cheating and hacking of user accounts still might be a serious problem. The consequences could be terrible. Blockchain is going to make digital identity and data protection more secure. Moreover, the rewards are going to be improved, providing more opportunities to interest and motivate already bored and frustrated gamers.


Space Of Variants With PixelBit

PixelBit is an innovative project created by game developers with game developers in mind. Their mission is developing a completely new system that not only stimulates developers to realize potential benefits but also gives real rewards for gamers who use PixelBit Tokens (PXB).


PixelBit Token is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain, which opens additional content and allows purchases in-game. Above all, PXB is an original system, created to earn coins during the game.


The main disadvantage of games based on blockchain is that they are time-consuming on mining blocks. As a result, this aspect considerably slows the gaming process. This problem is really difficult to resolve, and, as of yet, no one has dealt with it. PixelBit, however, claims to have done it.


The project provides the game market with unique features, capable of changing the process for the better. First of all, these are specific APIs for improving both the mining process and payments and transactions through game engines like Unity, Unreal and more. Further features are intuitive tools for implementing PixelBit systems, which are understandable and easy-to-use. Last, but not the least, PixelBit offers P2P trading mechanisms simplifying content commerce by sidestepping marketplaces that use sketchy business practices and charge high transaction fees.


PixelBit aspires to create an innovative ecosystem which will make games more profitable, enjoyable and qualitative.


Fascinating Reward System

Developing the in-game reward system is another appealing aspect PixelBit offers. Gamers earn real digital currency by performing tasks in the game. It is similar to trophies and achievements in some platforms. Such an incentive system is going to increase motivation and create sustained interest in games.


One more implementation is in-game stores and purchases, which are always being provided through microtransactions using in-game virtual currencies. By using PXB Tokens instead, developers are given an opportunity to create open cross-platform marketplaces, following actual trends and offering gamers and developers fast, cost-effective games.


The Future Is Wide Open With PixelBit

Gamers are constantly exposed to technologies and communications, so they will have more opportunities to experiment with. Frustration will pass them by because of the incredible innovations in the game industry with the blockchain arrival.


Due to its low cost of entry, PXB is accessible for everyone. Moreover, it doesn’t suffer from centralized control. Secure and reliable service for millions of users is no longer a myth. It is the near future with PixelBit.


Find out more on https://pixelbit.cc/