MIB Coin: The Future of Cryptocurrency

The introduction of cryptocurrency a decade ago was the dawn of a new era. However, the technology has not been able to reach its full potential. There are still lots of flaws existing in the current crop of cryptocurrency in the world.

The global adoption of cryptocurrency largely depends on the elimination of these flaws. That is where MIB Coin comes in. MIB Coin is a new generation of cryptocurrency that has been designed to transform the global crypto market.

The Mobile Integrated Block Chain Coin (MIB Coin) is the first cryptocurrency to be exclusively mined by smartphones. The platform for mining these coins is the Mobile Smart X Blockchain. Unlike the Proof of work (POW) and proof of stake (POS) used by most blockchain platform, the mobile smart x blockchain runs on a Mobile Proof of Work (MPOW) consensus mechanism.

What makes the MIB COIN unique?

MIB creates a platform that allows anyone to mine the MIB Coin on a mobile phone. This will positively disrupt the cryptocurrency market. Many cryptocurrencies including bitcoin are mined through a process that consumes lots of electricity. Hence, a large percentage of miners of these coins are people that can afford expensive mining gadgets (ASIC or GPU). Therefore, these platforms are gradually becoming centralized since the mining community is shrinking with time.

However, the introduction of the MIB Smart X Blockchain will open the door for a cryptocurrency that can be mined by anybody using a smartphone. This will particularly be beneficial to people living in countries that do not have a steady power supply.

Many environmental experts have criticized cryptocurrency (especially bitcoin) as being a major contributor to the world’s carbon emission. A report recently claimed that the power being used to create bitcoin is equivalent to the power consumption of some nations. However, mining on a phone is very much power efficient (about 99.24 per cent) than the existing dedicated mining gadgets for mining.

What are the uses of the MIB Coin?

These are some of the ways the MIB Coin can be used

MIB Coin can be used to make payments and trading

It is a means of exchange

It can be used as an investment security

How do the MIB Miner Work?

Mining the MIB coin is very fast and easy. Mining can be done by using either an Android or iOS smartphone. You just need to download the smart miner app (MIB Miner) on either apple app store or Google Play Store and start mining immediately. The app will automatically monitor the mining process, it can also be to used to sell and buy MIB Coin.

MIB Coin listed on CoinBene

MIB coin got listed on CoinBene on September 3. The exchange is one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world (according to trading volumes). This is a big leap for the MIB coin as it is being paired with bitcoin (BTC).

MIB Coin listed on IDCM

The MIB coin is also listed on the IDCM exchange. The listing IDCM is the first global exchange that is utilizing a consensus mechanism.

This move by the platform to list the MIB coin in competent exchanges reiterates their commitment to creating a global platform that will transform the cryptocurrency market.