GoCharting : App that tracks Crypto Exchanges

With the increasing crypto enthusiast, there is a need for platforms that provide a good analysis on the crypto market’s price up and downs.

Gocharting is one of those platforms that have their eagle eye on the crypto price. This is an analytical app which helps in predicting the future of cryptocurrencies. This app mainly focuses on Indian traders.

The GoCharting app was launched in February 2018  as a beta product.

Gocharting platform basically focuses on crypto exchanges than any other platforms. It provides live crypto charting and analysis standpoint. It supports 110 exchanges around the world and more than 22,000 trading pairs.

Gocharting can be assumed as the alternate to Tradingview. After Tradingview, GoCharting is the only platform which supports a multi-chart view of live crypto charting. Its the only platform where one can view four price charts along with the depth of the market in a single view.

Out of few web platforms in the world, GoCharting is one that enables day traders to replay their bars. It enables day traders to set notifications on big traders which enables auto robot detection.

They support more than 110 technical indicators and creation of custom indicators using scripting. The amazing part about the platform is that their services are free forever.

The user interface is very user-friendly. There are no annoying ads, no BS-democratization of information.

The features available to their app are:

  • Customizable HTML5 charting
  • No ads
  • Real-time charting
  • Plot analyst from 10+ Indian brokers
  • Tick trade data
  • All NSE and BSE indices and stocks
  • Plot 4 charts at a single view
  • Social sharing
  • Advanced charts such as Kagi, Heikin Ashi, Point and Figure.

So, Gocharting is a perfect app which helps in analysing the ups and downs of the crypto market by keeping the traders in mind. They provide charting service in real time which is most important aspect in the analysis of the    market’s fate.