FAWS: The Crypto News Aggregator

With the growing craze for cryptocurrencies, the requirement of the apps or services is necessary that alert about how to invest in the market and where to invest for higher ROI (Return Of Investment).
To be a good crypto investor, there is a need for good market investment strategy which can be made be made by a habit of reading articles related to the crypto investment.
The crypto market is growing at an incredible rate. So the question arises from where to read the articles which are resourceful. What are the most trustworthy resources to provide crypto news?

Here, the role of FAWS come into play.

FAWS: Services by them
FAWS is the news aggregator, which personalizes and allows to follow how the news will impact the market. It provides analysis about how the price will fluctuate, but without accurate information, so any rush towards investment would be disastrous.

It provides notification in real-time allowing traders to be up-to-date, without missing a single piece of important information that can completely change the faith of market. Every crypto crazy must be very well aware of how volatile the crypto market can be, so having news in a real-time is crucial.

Other than news, the FAWS can also meet the need for a press release and analysis that matches the watch list, which one can customize according to their needs and interests.
One can set alerts that allow receiving notification about the price movements which occur in one’s coins of interests.
It allows choosing exciting news from the list of top news sources.
FAWS also provides price alerts and live price information.

FAWS Website:
The website interface for the FAWS is user-friendly and straightforward; it has a drop menu structure which allows a user to choose media outlets, news which he wants to follow. It also sends notification by the user preferences.

Faws is a platform that gives every crypto enthusiasts, knowledge about their daily fix of a blockchain, letting crypto traders on the top of everything that’s happening in the crypto-sphere. Their easy to use website interface allows a user never to miss any moments of prices crashing or skyrocketing, and to keep records for the reasons that change the crypto market.