Electricity production and consumption will be decentralized

Electricity production and consumption will be decentralized

Power transformation plants are relieved and reliability is increased

When you press an electric switch in your house, a bulb starts glowing immediately. Apparently, it seems very ordinary and insignificant as to what’s behind all this, but if you look at it, the resources of the entire energy sector are utilized (depending upon the power consumption of your electric appliance) in order to power on that single bulb! Now if you multiply the need of a bulb with every power-consuming appliance that you use, it becomes pretty evident that every day, the Global need for electricity production and consumption is boosting at an incredible pace. Therefore, it is crucial to introduce a solution that makes everything (at the back and front end) more efficient and reliable for every stakeholder in the industry. 

This is precisely where AVALO-energy comes into play for offering its extensive range of benefits.

How does AVALO-energy offer a robust solution in this regard?

In this particular section, we will discuss everything in a sequence just so you have a better idea about the ecosystem and understand how does it fit into the scenario being discussed.

To begin with, we facilitate an utterly ‘green’ and environment-friendly mode of energy generation that does not harm the planet. It implies that users can only be a part of our network if they generate energy through technologies such as windmills, solar panels, etc. But that’s just the start. In fact, what makes us stand out of the competition is that there is not a centralized authority generating this electricity and hence, as an end-user, you do not have to depend on any regulatory body to produce and deliver the electricity to your household.

AVALO-energy offers a decentralized solution where there is no concept of transformers or long-haul power lines since the electricity produced by each user is either consumed by the electrical appliances in his household (and any other facility for that matter) or it is distributed to the decentralized grid where other community members can pay and buy it.

It should also be noted that we allow our customers to use the system while they are traveling. In order to avail this feature, you just have to buy the required units of electricity and consume them by charging your phones, cars, laptops, and whatnot!

Therefore, if you look at the solution, there is no need to depend on a centralized authority as the community members happen to be our electricity producers, distributors and of course, consumers as well.

How does it offer reliability?

In order to provide electricity to each household or office, we have created a device called AVALO Box that can be connected with the LAN. Apart from dispensing the energy, one of its crucial jobs is to collect data from electric appliances connected to the device. As a result, it can detect anomalies in power consumption and offer efficiency.

Furthermore, it is also worth noticing that the data collected from each node (i.e. AVALO Box) is stored in a global blockchain so that history could be maintained against each device in order to predict its usability statistics in the future to other potential users.