ELAD – A Platform Developed and Reinforced by Proficient and Knowledge Team

Real estate landscape certainly renders a plethora of opportunities for investors to avail substantial return on investments. The introduction of blockchain technology in real estate domain has further strengthened the growth opportunities. When it comes to providing beneficial and decentralized real estate platform, the UK real estate industry is certainly standing on the forefront.

ELAD is a decentralized platform that envisions eliminating these challenges and providing an efficient investment network for global investors to invest in properties and reap substantial returns. The investment process is quite simple and begins by investors creating a real-estate profile. They can then select the property they want to invest in and the platform will showcase all the relevant information related to the assets, thereby enabling investors to make a well-informed decision.

A Seamless Integration of Top-notch Technology

ELAD is a transformational real-estate platform that is reinforced by technologies like blockchain, peer-2-peer network, smart contracts, artificial intelligence. Blockchain decentralized the entire investment process and make it more accessible for individuals to invest in properties. The smart contract is an effective technology that mutually locks a transaction fund and only releases it when both the parties involved successfully complete the laid out agreement.

Peer-2-peer transactions enable users of the platform to contact each other directly and perform trading activities without having to involve any third party. By this, ELAD also provides investors with control over their investments and enable them the right to sell their property on the platform. Lastly, artificial intelligence is incorporated to ensure that users in the platform always have access to uninterrupted support. Investors can get in touch with these digital assistants 24*7 and obtain real-time solutions to any queries. These technologies allow the ELAD platform to offer investors transparency, security, dependability, and cost-effectiveness.

A Staunch Team of Experts

ELAD is a decentralized platform that is developed by experienced and proficient real estate professionals, innovative developers, and blockchain experts. Some of the renowned members of the team are:-

  • Brennon Williams – Brennon Williams is a reckoned software engineer who has worked as a software engineer for over two decades. He is a Chief Technology Officer and consultant technical advisors at renowned establishments including Motorola, Microsoft,eBay, and Nokia. Brennon essentially focuses on artificial intelligence and robotic hardware and render the most advances conversational AI. Brennon is also the Founder and CEO of AIStudio.com Limited and Iridium System and Robotics Corporation (ISR). ISR has developed one of the world’s most-advanced cognitive AI, iLi, which is also integrated into ELAD.
  • Dale Perkins-McCook – Dale is the CEO and Founder of ELAD Tech Ltd. And Make Better Moves Ltd (a property company). Dale interest towards technology and passion for real estate presented the concept of ELAD to bring stable and secure investment platform for individuals across the globe.
  • Steve Craig – Steve Craig as a myriad of experience of working in operations and manufacturing. His primary technical background is the area of quality and lean manufacturing. Steve has the ability to effectively engage with staff and build a winning team that focuses on delivering high-quality product and services. He has worked in recognized enterprises including Bank of England, De La Rue, and Alveston Kitchens.
  • Adrian Morson – Adrian has an IT experience of over 20 years and has been working in London and Geneva for government, banking, private and education sectors. He has also worked along with CESG and the MOD on a large scale project that includes London Olympics in the year 2012.

ELAD seamlessly blended technology and experience and presented global investors with a secure platform to efficiently invest and sell real estate. With a primary aim to make real estate accessible, the team has integrated top-notch features and functionalities to make this platform user-centric and profitable.

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