East2 – Boosting Airlines Customer Loyalty Programs

Airline loyalty programs date back to the late 1970s and early 1980s, and they were designed to offer high levels of recognition and reward travellers in return for their loyalty. However, this original purpose has somewhere become weaker as airlines began to prioritize profitability initiatives in order to survive in the increasingly competitive market. A fragmented booking landscape means airlines have only gathered 10.6% or USD 82.2 Billion of the USD 776 billion available in the ancillary market. This growing conflict of the failure for travellers to easily redeem their points for their preferred travel rewards generated various challenges.

What are the Impediments?

For Airlines

  • The crescenting battle between loyalty recognition and value delivery
  • Mounting redemption liabilities
  • Reducing traveller loyalty towards the brand
  • Increasing administration/operational costs
  • Obstacles in accessing ancillary revenue streams

For Travellers

  • Inadequate and inefficient booking experience
  • Unmet expectations, reducing the value of the brand
  • Lack of central booking process

East2 – Extending the Right Solution

East2 is a company that holds strong airline and travel technology expertise. The company
previously developed a proprietary airline internet booking engine, which was used by Sabre
Inc. Dallas, USA, and also power various airlines’ online booking systems around the world

To address the aforementioned challenges, the company has extended a robust loyalty
program. East2’s Air Loyalty Plus program incorporates blockchain technology and EDOS
(utility) tokens. It is specially designed to enable travellers to easily manage as well as redeem
their hard-earned rewards, at the same time, reducing costs and adding significant ancillary
revenue streams for airlines.

The program by East2 centres on blockchain technology and uses smart contracts to offer
maximum privacy and safety. Furthermore, it is a broad ecosystem that effectively caters to the
needs of both, the buyers and the airlines. The reward model intends to boost satisfaction level
amongst the buyers and ensure that the buyers have a safe and seamless transaction. It also
makes sure that the airlines obtain maximum profits as well as productivity through this program
and reduce the manual work.

Benefits Acquired by Travellers

  • It could be redeemed on any of the flights
  • EDOS value is non-inflationary as the company ensures limited supply
  • The makes the overall process of receiving and redeeming of EDOS is quick and easy
  • EDOS enables buying and selling without any restrictions
  • EDOS never expires

Benefits Acquired by Airlines & Hotels/Travel Suppliers

  • Lack of restrictions during redemption
  • Considerable reduction in operating costs and the time investment in various operations
  • Boosted loyalty of flyers
  • The process of redemption in real-time as there are no blackout periods

Decentralised Distribution Systems

East2’s fundamental objective is to optimize deliver products and services that cater to their
traveller’s needs, at the same time, obtain a greater share of ancillary revenue. The East2
booking model positions travellers as the beneficiaries and controllers of their user-held profile
and travel behaviour, enabling them to determine exactly what data to share, when, and with
whom with respect to value offers or incentives of their choice via acquired bonus tokens.
Along with blockchain and smart contract technology initiatives, the program also includes
artificial intelligence and machine learning, combined with the recent International Air Transport
Association (IATA)-led initiatives to standardise data transmission. This has allowed East2 Air
Loyalty Plus initiative to offer out-of-the-box solutions. East2’s decentralised and immutable
blockchain solutions set loyal Flyers at its essence by merging all of their activities and

East2- Offering a Smart Booking Experience

The program is designed with a vision to allow travellers to efficiently manage and redeem their
rewards while reducing costs and increasing significant ancillary revenue streams for airlines
across the globe. This decentralised which is powered by EDOS and superior data marketplace
modifies travel services by extending flexible, dynamic, and intelligent booking experiences.

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