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The DasRoadmap Has Been Updated

In August 2018 the executive board director of DasCoin, Michael Mathias, announced updates to the DasRoadmap. At the time of the announcement, the DasRoadmap had already been updated to include the upcoming launch of multiple projects, each of which represents a milestone for DasRoadmap.

About the DasRoadmap

As the name implies, the DasRoadmap is the roadmap of all major past milestones that DasCoin has achieved, along with the future steps the project has planned. The DasRoadmap lets you get a feel for the completed journey of DasCoin so far, letting you feel as if you are truly part of the community. At the same time, it gives you an idea of the project’s plans and what you can expect from it. The DasRoadmap provides insights as to the direction and goals of DasCoin while also illustrating the project’s vision and breaking that vision into manageable steps and milestones to look forward to.

Examining the completed part of the DasRoadmap can give you some insights into how quickly DasCoin has accomplished its various goals. The project’s technology development started in 2015. By early 2017, the team published the white paper and launched the blockchain. By September 2017, DasExchange had also launched.

Projects Launching Soon

Before the end of 2018 even arrives, DasCoin will have launched many new projects, and these represent the bulk of this set of updates to the DasRoadmap. As you look through the DasRoadmap, you will spot the launches of the DasNet App, Fashion Blockchain, DasRewards, DasMarketplace, and DAS33, all within 2018. Even more is to come in 2019, with a few items already added to the DasRoadmap for early that year.

A Closer Look at the DasRoadmap

As you explore the DasRoadmap, it becomes clear that some of the projects about to launch have truly little left to accomplish before their launches, at least few steps that are worth detailing on the DasRoadmap. The first one listed, DAS33, is one of the handful of projects with multiple steps listed, divided into the beta pre-sale, the beta crowd sale, and the official launch.

Following DAS33, DasCoin will launch DasMarketplace, which will be followed by the launch of DasRewards. After this, the DasPay beta will be released. This will be followed by more product launches, specifically the Fashion Blockchain Launch and then the DasNet App Launch, which wraps up the major DasRoadmap milestones planned for 2018. In 2019, we  will see the beginning of the AlliancePay rollout and then the DasPay launch.